By Mike Walker, Education Spokesperson

Let us all support the millionaire musician Stormzy. He has had a wonderful idea.  Scholarships for underprivileged black youngsters (1).  However, but we must never support the same initiative for white boys (2).  That would be racist!

Lessons must be learned from a full and open enquiry into the Windrush scandal. Compensation must be paid to the victims (3) and (4).  Shame on our ancestors!  Nevertheless, let’s keep quiet the full findings of the grooming gang public enquiry for thousands of teenage white girls! (4)

Lets totally embrace the transgender change in every way (5). But we must never highlight our concerns!

“I should have been challenged on the proposals or the claims that I was making for myself,” she said. “And I think that would have made a big difference as well. If I was just challenged on the things I was saying.(6), (7), (8), (9), (10) [angry confused teenager who needed guidance to make an informed decision, at a vulnerable time in her life, and now suffers the consequences].

Times change.  Once it was okay to talk about controlling immigration (and lie openly about your intentions!)

‘Conservatives believe in controlled immigration, not mass immigration. We also know that immigration must be controlled. When immigration is out of control, it puts pressure on schools, hospitals, and transport; and it can cause social pressures if communities find it hard to integrate’ [David Cameron] (11)

But now times are different and that is okay as well. Today, if you express a concern to control immigration, then you are a racist and must be a Brexit supporter (12).  Don’t forget, we should welcome all immigrants and not concern ourselves with their numbers.

Positive discrimination is a patronising condemnation of one interest group, whilst promoting a second more favoured interest group.  In the UK this is often done by members of the middle class to suppress the white working class patriot, whilst putting a positive spin towards those from whom the self-serving elite can benefit most.  Scratch under the surface and we see they are doing so for votes, social acceptance with their fellow smug peers, financial incentive to promote corporate business etc. Notice how adverts are now continually promoting mixed-race partnerships and billionaire owners of social media enterprises, like Mark Zuckerberg, have become front page arbitrators of morality. Furthermore, the mainstream media are up there on the moral high ground with them. Donald Trump is banned from Twitter, and this becomes a number 1 news item for BBC News.  Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants abscond from detention centres into the black market and this becomes a footnote for our publicly owned national impartial broadcasting company (13).  Kier Starmer offers allegiance to Black Lives Matters (14). Can anyone remember him showing concern towards the violence in their demonstrations or reprimand their supporters for not social distancing during the Covid-19 pandemic? (15).

This use of positive discrimination to create a forum for expression for one interest group whilst suppressing others, is now the cancer blighting society in the UK. It has allowed a fundamental change to become created between the relationship between the ruling government and the people.  Labour and Conservative Parties have both been willing to pander to the needs of various self-indulgent interest groups that have absolutely no concern for their actions on wider society.

The parliamentary political parties have jumped onto the band wagon of self-indulgence and joined the amorphous ‘blob’ of self-motivated and self-appointed army of censors.  Together they now include internet trolls, angry students, lobby groups, town hall officials ideologically driven politicians and lawyers and establishment figures.  Their numbers are bolstered by a host of other busy bodies that have taken to police what we can and cannot say.  Collectively they are known as ‘the establishment’.  And there is a term for their inane sanctimonious rantings to endorsing both selective positive and negative discrimination .  It is known as political correctness or ‘Cultural Marxism’.

Cultural Marxism is a form of mind control used by them to suppress freedom of expression which in turn would adversely affect their interests.  Social media and the BBC provide an immediate forum to such whining and moaning, allowing small, pious, nobodies, consumed with their own importance and hubris, with little political and economic acumen such as actors, comedians, and TV reality stars an undeserved spotlight in the mainstream media.

In doing so the recipient population become willing prisoners of a fixed mindset.  They then react to certain statements and events in a ‘programmed way’ and become quiet, docile, subservient and obedient.

It is time to give the establishment the middle finger.  We must make a stand!

We should never be afraid to express our concerns.  It is totally acceptable to reject publicly, positive discrimination as being unfair and immoral. 

The niqab and burka are symbolically discriminatory against equality rights of women and unfair to lip reading deaf people.

The torture with a prayer, pre slaughter of farm animals in abattoirs, to appease Muslims and Jews, is definitely wrong.  It is not racist to say so.

If there are concerns regarding the safety of the covid-19 vaccine, they should be aired publicly. We will not be silenced!

Like the French philosopher Voltaire, who fought all his life for free speech, we must exercise this right. It is protected within law and furthermore enshrined within Article 10 of the Human Rights Act (Freedom of expression within a moral context i.e., not with intention to offend within the remit of ‘hate speech’ regulations).

As the For Britain Education Spokesperson, I will spend the rest of my life trying to get the National Curriculum changed.  It must always allow the full public discussion of all controversial topics in a fair and moral context.  There must be no ‘gagging orders’ to protect the interests of any one section of society.

It is time to push aside the establishment’s jack boot of perception which is pressing down hard on our necks and forcing our faces into the mud.  Stand and face them.

Let’s ram their vile sordid hypocrisy and loathing down their own throats, whilst whispering in their ears

‘It is not ‘Black Lives Matter’ it is ‘All Lives Matter’’