Anne Marie Waters

Tuesday 19th January 2021


China’s economy is the only major one to grow in 2020.  It’s no wonder, because it cashed in on the very pandemic it caused, and weak Western leaders did and said nothing about it.  Cast your mind back.  China unleashed this virus and then lied and covered it up.  The World Health Organisation stepped in to and helped those lies to spread.  The Western world shut down and its economies collapsed.  We are so weakened that we couldn’t even produce our own equipment for our medical staff, so guess who did?  That’s right, China.  The very country that inflicted this on the world (as it has almost every other major pandemic in history) made a fortune from it.  At no point has it paid a penny in compensation and at no point has it been asked to.

The globalist bodies not only won’t criticise China, but they busily attack Western countries, particularly America, on its behalf.  This is for a simple reason; China is communist, America is capitalist.  The globalists, despite their massive wealth, want a variant of communism around the world because it gives them greater control.  A corporate-communism monster is on the way and China is at the forefront.

This morning, the BBC reports that China’s economy grew by 2.3% in 2020.  Ours on the other hand collapsed.  In November alone, the British economy shrank by 2.6%.  Unemployment is off the scale and debt is eye-watering.  I wrote in detail about the state of our economy in 2020 here.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said the figures showed “it’s clear things will get harder before they get better and today’s figures highlight the scale of the challenge we face”.

Meanwhile, post-Brexit chaos has led to protests by fishing firms.  There was plenty of time to avoid such chaos but nevertheless, according to the BBC:

Exports of fresh fish and seafood have been severely disrupted by new border controls since the UK’s transition period ended earlier this month.

The PM said firms would be compensated for delays that were not their fault.

Industry associations have complained that extra paperwork has made it difficult to deliver fresh produce to mainland Europe before it goes off.

They have warned that if the situation continues, jobs could soon be at risk.

Pressed on what he would do in response, Mr Johnson said the government would step in to support firms which “through no fault of their own have experienced bureaucratic delays, difficulties getting their goods through, where there is a genuine willing buyer on the other side of the channel”.

“There’s a £23m compensation fund we’ve set up and we’ll make sure they get help,” he said.

Details of the scheme are expected later this week.

Similarly, UK meat exporters have claimed post-Brexit customs systems are “not fit for purpose”, with goods delayed for hours, sometimes days, at the border.

The British Meat Processor Association said even experienced exporters were struggling with the system.

It said meat exports to the EU were 25% of normal levels for this time of year.

Across the board, British businesses are seriously struggling and are calling upon the government for greater help, and clarity on this help, as the months go on.  This is only to be expected given the length of time our economy has been shut down, and the uncertainty caused by mixed messages from the government, but it also means the country is getting in to greater and greater debt which will no doubt be made up by tax rises that people can’t afford.

There’s a pattern in all of this; incompetent government.  Why is post-Brexit export causing such delays?  Why weren’t we able to produce our own medical equipment?  Why are businesses so unsure of their future?  Why has China not paid a penny for the disaster it caused?

All of this points to weak leadership, the very thing that must change if our country is to thrive again.


Anne Marie Waters 


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