By International Member Phil Kemble in the USA


President Trump’s impeachment trial starts in the US Senate on Monday 8 February 2021.  It will be the trial of the century.   


The evidence of fraud, voter irregularities and lack of transparency in the 2020 US Election in the six battleground states (Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin) will be broadcast to a global audience.  To-date, this evidence has been censored by the mainstream media and big tech.   


The evidence supporting President Trump’s justifiable allegations is contained in The Navarro Report Volumes I, II, and III dated 2 February 2021 by Dr Peter Navarro.  It is well worth reading this report.  The 80-page report contains:


Volume I entitled “The Immaculate Deception: Six Key Dimensions of Election Irregularities”.   

A handy collation of the fraud and irregularities in the six battleground states.  Something you can use to persuade those who have been indoctrinated by the mainstream media to believe that the election was not rigged.  


Volume II entitled “The Art of the Steal”. 

How the Democrats stole the election by massively increasing the number of postal votes and removing safeguards put in place to prevent postal vote fraud.  We are all aware of the opportunity for fraud in postal votes. 


Volume III entitled “Yes, President Trump Won”. 

Provides a breakdown of the potential number of illegal votes in the six battleground states. 


This is a link to Dr Peter Navarro’s website where you can download the above report.  


President Trump’s previous lawyers failed him in not wanting to present the evidence of fraud, preferring instead to focus on the unconstitutional nature of impeaching a president who has already left office.  It is hoped that his new team of lawyers will do a much better job.  However, I believe his new team’s reply below to the Democrat’s Impeachment Legal Brief could have been much stronger in the vitally important area of election fraud.  Again, it appears there is too much focus on the unconstitutional nature of impeaching a president who has already left office.  


Democrat’s Impeachment Legal Brief (80 pages)


President Trump’s Legal Team’s Reply (14 pages)  


I accessed the above legal documents (click on them to access) through The National Pulse run by Raheem Kassam.  I believe The National Pulse and especially Steve Bannon’s War Room (Pandemic) on Rumble are the best outlets for news on President Trump’s impeachment and where the Republican party is heading. 

It looks like Trump supporters have taken over the Republican party and are converting it into a national populist party. This is needed to take America back from the Democrat party and establishment Republicans.