The government has recently announced an amnesty for illegal immigrants so that they can receive a COVID vaccine. Whilst this seems quite laudable from a humanitarian point of view, it once again shows this government putting criminals ahead of its own citizens.

The latest estimate available suggests there are 1.3M illegal immigrants in this country. They are now being given access to the NHS, paid for by the working citizens of this country.

Anyone who ever thought that the government was serious about stopping illegal immigration should be left in no doubt that they have no intention of enforcing the law at all.

Our Hull branch recently submitted an FOI about prosecutions for illegal immigrations and this is the answer for the whole country.

This table shows that just 0.02 percent of illegal immigrants are ever prosecuted. I think that illustrates the level of government commitment.   Not only are prosecutions trivial, but the level of deportations has been steadily falling as well.

We cannot trust this government on immigration, they say fine words, but the statistics show their true intent.  They have no intention of controlling immigration, legal or illegal.  It’s time to vote for a party who would tackle the problem.

For Britain would deport all those who arrive here illegally, and we would stop any further immigration for five years in the vast majority of cases unless there was a specific benefit to the United Kingdom.

No other party is as consistent as For Britain, we have elected councillors and branches across the UK. If you are tired of the same old from the Tories and Labour, please consider joining today and be part of the voice representing the silent majority.