Anne Marie Waters 

Sunday February 28th 2021 


I’m one of those who romanticises about the Royal family.  The Queen, in particular, is one of the few constants in a rapidly changing country.  She has been Queen since I was born.  I’ve never known another head of the House of Windsor.  It’s comforting that she is still there, that there is at least one thing that hasn’t changed.

I love Buckingham Palace.  I love that area of London.  I could wander around it for hours (and often have).  I love watching the guards, I love the changing of the guards, I love the tradition of it all, I love the Britishness of it all.  I love the flags and the souvenirs and the romance of it.  I love the fact that the Royals are known the world over as a symbol of the country I love so dearly.

I love Britain, and the Royals are a traditional part of it.  I would hate to see them go.  But I can’t help having this nagging feeling that it’s all going terribly wrong.  Far from being defenders of traditional Britain, the Royals – even the Queen – are becoming something else.  They are changing from the House of Windsor to the House of Woke, and it isn’t pleasant to watch.

This week, the Queen (my favourite symbol of them all) told us that we must vaccinate, or risk being selfish and uncaring of others.  She said: “Once you’ve had the vaccine, you have a feeling of, you know, you’re protected, which is I think very important. I think the other thing is, that it is obviously difficult for people if they’ve never had a vaccine … but they ought to think about other people rather than themselves.”

I saw this not long after watching a BBC Panorama documentary on “disinformation” surrounding vaccination.  The documentary started on the premise that those who question that vaccine are wrong, and that’s that.  There was no attempt whatsoever to examine the claims of the many doctors and scientists who oppose the vaccination, they were just wrong.  End of story.  There was no discussion of the science of the vaccine, no discussion of potential ill side effects, and certainly no discussion of the billions made by those who push vaccination as the answer to all of life’s medical problems.  People like Bill Gates for example.

I am not a doctor or a scientist so I offer no medical conclusions of my own.  What I do want though is open and honest debate, and that is the opposite of what we are getting.  Questions raised by doctors who oppose vaccination are not answered, or even addressed, they are censored instead.  Why?  If those doctors are wrong, why not prove them wrong in the open rather than silencing them?  Call me crazy, but when people are silenced, I think there must be a reason.  Someone’s got an agenda here.  I tend to believe that those who are censored may well have something interesting to say.  So why can’t we hear it?

This is not the worst of it though.

Every Christmas day, the Queen addresses the nation.  It is a fundamental aspect of Christmas and again, I’ve been watching it since I was born; I can’t imagine the day without it.  But last year it felt a little like a punch in the gut.

Only a couple of sentences in to her speech on Christmas Day 2020, the Queen mentioned Eid, a Muslim festival.  A sentence later and she was talking about “Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains”.  Why?  This was Christmas, not Eid, or Diwali.  Moments later and the ‘woke’ message became ever clearer when she recounted the Biblical story of the good samaritan, coming to this conclusion: “The man who is robbed and left at the roadside is saved by someone who did not share his religion or culture. This wonderful story of kindness is still as relevant today.  Good Samaritans have emerged across society showing care and respect for all, regardless of gender, race or background, reminding us that each one of us is special and equal in the eyes of God.”

The “multicultural” message couldn’t be clearer.  Even on Christmas Day, it is (frankly) shoved down our throats.  It’s never-ending, and when Charles is on the throne, it is very likely to get even worse.

In 2019, I visited the United States to speak about the rise of Islam in the UK.  I was asked by an audience member where the Royals sat on this issue.  I told them that isn’t good news.  The future King is an avid fan of Islam.

In a speech in Oxford in 2010, Prince Charles praised Islam to the hilt.  According to a Daily Mail report at the time: “In an hour-long speech, the heir to the throne argued that man’s destruction of the world was contrary to the scriptures of all religions – but particularly those of Islam.”

While Charles has noted the persecution of Christians in the Middle East, he doesn’t seem to believe Islam has anything to do with it.  In 2018, he said “I have met many who have had to flee for their faith and for their life – or have somehow endured the terrifying consequences of remaining in their country – and I have been so deeply moved, and humbled, by their truly remarkable courage and by their selfless capacity for forgiveness, despite all that they have suffered.  All three Abrahamic faiths have known and continue to know the bitterness of persecution when religion has fallen into the barbaric grip of those who distort and misrepresent faith.”

How very woke!

What persecution do Muslims face exactly, beyond legitimate and honest criticism of Islamic theology? Christians on the other hand are actually persecuted in the Middle East.  They are more than persecuted, they are murdered, subjected to outright genocide, and it is most often at the hands of Muslims and the direct result of Islamic theology.  Charles doesn’t appear to understand that, or he conveniently ignores it in the name of political correctness.  In other words, he’s woke.

A couple of years before that, in 2016, he was even more woke.  This time, he encouraged us to think of Mohammad… on Christmas Day.  “Normally at Christmas we think of the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. I wonder though if this year we might remember how the story of the nativity unfolds, with the fleeing of the holy family to escape violent persecution. And we might also remember that when the prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Medina he was seeking the freedom for himself and his followers to worship.”

What utter, indescribable nonsense.  According to its own scriptures, Mohammed waged war on other faiths to subject the world to Islamic domination.  That war is still being waged by his most devout followers today.  Hundreds of Britons have been murdered in its cause.  Our future King either doesn’t know this, or is deliberately lying about it.  Just like every woke politician in Westminster.

After Charles will come William.

At the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) awards in February last year, here’s what Prince William said in his speech:

“In 2020, and not for the first time in the last few years, we find ourselves talking again about the need to do more to ensure diversity in the sector and in the awards process – that simply cannot be right in this day and age.”

Sometimes it feels like there is just no end to it.  Diversity, diversity, diversity.  Has anyone gone to India to complain of the lack of “diversity” in Bollywood?  No, I sincerely don’t think they have.  For the record, this “diversity” is having the opposite effect to what the woke are hoping for.  All it does is annoy sane people and turn race against race.  Equal treatment and merit are what is required, but the woke refuse to accept this and turn everything in to an obsession with “diversity”.  It’s really getting on people’s nerves now.

Prince Harry is even worse.  This is taken from a report in the Daily Express last year:

PRINCE HARRY admitted meeting Meghan Markle opened his eyes on “many of the problems within the UK and also globally” in a groundbreaking interview.

Prince Harry made his remarks while launching a new campaign to end structural racism to mark the beginning of Black History Month. The Duke of Sussex argued the UK could be a better country by gaining a deeper understanding of the difficulties experienced by people “of a different coloured skin”.

Opening up on his own “awakening” to the lack of opportunities people from the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities face, Harry told the Evening Standard in a conversation over Zoom: “Because I wasn’t aware of so many of the issues and so many of the problems within the UK and also globally as well.

“And I use that as just one example of where we as white people don’t always have the awareness of what it must be like for someone else of a different coloured skin, of a black skin, to be in the same situation as we are where the world that we know has been created by white people for white people.”

First of all, “structural racism”?  What’s that exactly?  Nobody knows.

Secondly, I have no doubt that some black people are mistreated and subjected to injustice because of their skin colour, and it is entirely and grotesquely wrong.  But I also know for a fact that white people are the only group in Britain that can be lawfully discriminated against.  Whites can be excluded from job applications for example, and nobody blinks an eye.  English girls are called “white whores” and raped in the streets and the police look away.  Whites have been subjected to scores of racist attacks, including murder, and nobody gives a damn.  Speakers and “trainers” can call whites subhuman and I don’t hear a peep from Prince Harry, or Prince William, or Prince Charles, or the Queen.

When will the establishment realise that this constant bleating about “diversity”  is causing more harm than good?  Resentment is bubbling away and one day it may very well blow up.

I understand the constitutional principle that the Royals, especially the Monarch, must be politically neutral, but that’s not what this is.  This is not neutrality, it’s pushing an agenda – a woke agenda.  It’s like a Titania McGrath tweet brought to life.  But it’s not funny.  Not even slightly.  It’s a powder keg.

Until we get rid of woke, and move on to actual equality, this will get worse and worse, and the Royal family are now a part of the problem.  What a shame.  It seems nothing can be traditionally British anymore, not even the Royal family, that most British of traditions.



Anne Marie Waters 


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