For Britain Press Release 7th March 2021

For Britain today notes the stepping down by  Nigel Farage from frontline politics and the leadership of the Reform Party.

As many people know, For Britain formed as a result of party leader Anne Marie Waters (and her supporters) being attacked by Nigel in his attempt to help Henry Bolton to leadership victory at UKIP. When Anne Marie came second in the leadership race, staying at UKIP became untenable after the baseless smears, so For Britain was formed, triggering the start of the decline of UKIP as a political force.

Everyone is grateful for Nigel’s work over nearly 30 years in helping to secure Brexit, and he deserves our credit and thanks for that. But his shifting views and principles on other matters have left his supporters confused, and in the last election, despite raising millions, decided not to stand candidates against the Conservatives was the last straw for many.

For Britain is the only consistent and credible party that has unwavering policies and principles. We do not compromise or water down what we stand to court favourable media attention, we do not change year after year. Members of For Britain have the confidence knowing that their party has always represented them, it does today and will do tomorrow and in the years ahead. In fact, any new party that receives favourable Press attention should be viewed with scepticism – we all now know the media agenda.

Just as the Reclaim Party has recently appeared, we would urge people to recognise when ego interferes with true opposition to both Labour and the Tories. Every poll taken shows the majority of the British public agrees with our political standpoints, so when new parties appear with a number of our policies, we must ask “are they in it for the good of the country”, as splitting votes only helps the establishment.

It is time to stop following celebrities and media darlings and start following values, principles and policies. Read the For Britain Manifesto and if you agree with it join us as we are in this for purely political reasons, not to raise cash or inflate egos. We are already building locally, with councillors in place and branches right across the UK. We would urge other parties to join forces, get behind us and help create a political force and not be distracted by the latest fad party or person.

So thanks Nigel, we appreciate the help for Brexit if not the later unjustified comments and barbs aimed at decent people who love their country.