Anne Marie Waters 

Sunday 7th March 2021


Have a look at this headline:  Child rapist threatened to kill herself when undeclared device found during visit

From this, you would assume that the child rapist in question was female.  But if you read on, you’ll discover that this rapist is “formerly known as Matthew Burren”.  In other words, this child rapist isn’t female at all.

This isn’t uncommon.  Several newspapers have printed similar headlines, pretending that assaults are carried out by actual women.  The truth of course is that large numbers of sexual predators have decided to take advantage of the absurdity of “self identification”.  This means that a man can call himself a woman, at his convenience, and then be treated as one; in the press, and more alarmingly, in the prison system.

Here are more headlines:

Transgender woman, 18, sexually assaulted girl, 10, in Morrisons toilet

Trans prisoners ‘shouldn’t be allowed on female wings because they are disproportionately likely to commit sexual assaults on women’ High Court hears

Transgender inmates have carried out seven sex attacks on women in jail: Despite the risks, male-born trans convicts are still allowed to move into women’s prisons 

The final sentence, from the Daily Mail, is the most significant; “despite the risks”.  In other words, no matter what happens to actual women at the hands of some transsexuals, the transsexuals will always be more important. When there is a clash between women and transwomen, women are insignificant.  What matters is trans, trans, trans… always.

There’s more.

Last month, a 26 year old women’s domestic abuse charity lost £5 million in funding because it was a women’s charity.  In other words, it’s a charity for women.  That’s unacceptable in today’s transprivileged climate.  According to The Sun:

Brighton council chiefs said an equality assessment found more support was needed for straight, gay and trans men — and Rise is mostly a women-only service.

Campaigners fear the decision will be echoed across the country, putting many women’s refuges at risk of closure.

Why, in 26 years, hasn’t this been an issue until now?  We know the answer, it’s because of the vicious demands of trans rights activists and those who insist there are more than two genders.  Anything that is just for women is under threat.  This includes some women’s jobs and awards, events, and all women’s sports.

Back in 2017, a woman named Anne Ruzylo held the post of women’s officer in her local Labour Party.  You might expect a women’s officer to be a woman (indeed Labour Party rules require it), but having been accused of “transphobia”, Ruzylo was replaced by Liam Madigan, later known as Lily.  If you’d like to know more about the attitudes to women of some of Labour’s women’s officers, have a look at this mumsnet link.

Keep in mind that Labour incessantly bleats about protecting women’s rights, but only until trans activists demand otherwise obviously.  Believe it or not, the Women’s Equality Party is the same.  In 2018, this party’s spokeswoman on violence against women and girls was sacked for saying that “sex is a biological reality”.

The Scottish National Party recently sacked one of its spokespeople, Joanna Cherry, for expressing the mild concern that men self-identifying as women could place women in danger.  Similarly, a former governor of Scotland’s only women’s prison resigned her membership of the SNP.  She said on Twitter: “I resign. I cannot be in a party where the abuse of women goes uncommented on, where campaigning around retaining the meaning of ‘woman’ will become a prosecutable offence.”

Finally, Philip Bunce, a banker, is on the list of the top 100 women in business.  He’s made it on to this list because twice a week he wears a dress.  I kid you not.

As well as losing jobs for refusing to bow down to the demands of trans activists, women have also had events cancelled because these events are for women.  Women’s Place UK were cancelled by Leeds Council back in 2018.  They wanted to meet to discuss the Gender Recognition Act but were prevented from doing so.  In a letter to Leeds Council, the group said:

When the local organisers met Staff Member A on 6 July, they explained that we would need extra security at the meeting because our meetings have been constantly subjected to intimidation and harassment from activists opposed to women’s voices being heard. These have included a bomb threat when we met in Hastings and aggressive protests from masked activists at other meetings.

We are unable to announce the venue of our meetings in advance, to avoid activists bombarding the venue with threats and intimidation to force them to stop hosting the event.

When lesbian women were rejected from a London Pride march, Labour’s London Mayor Sadiq Khan stuck his oar in.  The lesbian women carried banners stating “Lesbian, not Queer,” “Lesbian = Female Homosexual,” and “Transactivism Erases Lesbians.”  This is not allowed because trans trumps women.  Khan’s spokesperson said “Pride is about celebrating difference and London’s amazing LGBT+ community. It’s about showing those round the world that in our great city you can be free to be whoever you want to be and love whoever you want to love. The vast majority of those present at today’s march respected and embraced that and the Mayor condemns the tiny minority who did not. Transphobia is never acceptable.”  Free to be whoever you want to be?  Not a lesbian who objects to transprivilege though, you’re not free to be that.

In sports, women are beaten more and more often by men who identify as women.  The following is taken from an article written by a man for

Recently, a transgender fighter named Fallon Fox brutally beat a female fighter. Tamikka Brent was the severely injured fighter. She said that even though she is an uncommonly strong woman, she was still dramatically over powered. This is because, no matter how many hormones or operations a man gets, his physical size and bone structure will still be much larger. It’s also not fair to take away a woman’s dreams of being a champion in her chosen sport because of an unfair physical advantage. Observations of many Olympic events proved this point. When women competed against 15-year-old boys, the competition was even. But when they challenged male athletes, they were completely crushed. Still not convinced that such transgender-inclusive competitors have an unfair advantage? Two transgender teens at Connecticut’s high school track and field circle took home top prizes at the state championships for girls. The parents were outraged – and I don’t blame them. The girls worked extremely hard, only to be cheated by men who like to identify themselves as women. 

Women are being pushed aside in their own sports in the name of transprivilege.  Oh and by the way, the new US President has demanded more of it.  Biden wants to make it even easier (as if it isn’t easy enough now) for trans sportspeople to trample on women.

Tomorrow is International Women’s Day.  I’ve just had a look through Twitter and already it is awash with “trans women are women”.  Expect an avalanche of this.  If you dispute it, expect to be banned from Twitter.  If you highlight anything I’ve mentioned above, expect to be banned from Twitter.

This International Women’s Day, don’t dare try to make it about women, it now belongs to trans activists, just like so much else.



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