In the middle ages we had religious witch hunters and people were burnt at the stake in the name of that religion.

The  Green folks of today are also following a religion  – they refuse to debate anyone with a critical view and brand them as heretics. Sound familiar?

There is no science supporting this green agenda. It cannot withstand even the mildest criticism.

Without exception, every prediction they make turns out wrong. Every. Single. One.

So just like in the Middle ages, witch hunters are now being employed with incredible snooping powers to make sure your company is green enough, and if you are not, you will face very tough sanctions.

Today UK industry accounts  for just 0.3% of global CO2 emissions and the imposition of the green agenda is constantly driving our industry into increasing decline. All this while China alone with over 6,000 coal power station is already accounting for over 50% of the world’s coal power and is expanding them at a rate 3x that of the rest of the world combined.

We cripple ourselves on  the green  alter and ensure out industries are uncompetitive.

We indoctrinate and frighten kids from the infant stage to university with bogus theories – in fact  we  have brain washed a whole generation.

So here is the latest government plan in their mad agenda based on pure ignorance (link may not work on a vpn).