Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 21st March 2021


Leadership is a rewarding but difficult role.  Part of it, the difficult part, is decision-making.  The person in the leader’s chair must be willing to make decisions that may be unpopular, and must stand by those decisions, even under great pressure.

I must make the decision I feel is in the best interests of our party and our country.  After days of contemplation, that is what I have done.

I’m referring to the upcoming Parliamentary by-election in Hartlepool, my home constituency.  I aim to become the MP for Hartlepool, and that remains my focus, but I will not stand in this upcoming circus, and I’ll now explain why.

Have a look at Richard Tice’s Twitter account.  You can find it here @TiceRichard.  Do you notice anything?  In recent posts, there is only one mention of Hartlepool, and it is this:

The Tories cannot win Hartlepool if I stand for Reform UK. They should stand aside and I will beat Labour. This will put skids under Labour and Starmer.

Whose interests does this tweet serve?  The people of Hartlepool, or Richard Tice?  This is exactly what I talk about when I talk about the political game.  I don’t believe for a second that Tice gives the remotest damn about the people of Hartlepool.  He doesn’t live here for a start, and the only time he appears is when he wants a Parliamentary seat; something he seems to think he deserves while not giving a damn about the people of Hartlepool.

The others will be the same. Have a look at Labour.  Dr Paul Williams is their candidate.  He’s a former MP and, according to the Independent, an “arch-remainer”.  But Hartlepool voted Leave.  Once again, here’s a Parliamentary candidate for Hartlepool that doesn’t give a damn about the people of Hartlepool, or what they voted for.

The Tories haven’t yet announced their candidate for the by-election, but some bookies have given them the best chance of upsetting Labour.

While we don’t know who the Tory candidate will be, I’m hearing every day that someone else has thrown their hat in to the ring.  Small parties from across the country will be here.  Most of them not knowing an iota about the town but using this as a way to gain publicity – publicity they are highly unlikely to actually get.

So let me now address that argument.  By not standing, will For Britain lose the chance for publicity?  The answer is no.  We’ve been here before.  The mainstream national press does not want to give us publicity, and it won’t at election time any more than at any other time.  When I stood in Lewisham East, I was prevented from attending a hustings because of threats of violence.  This should have been made national headlines, but the MSM ignored it.  That’s how much it refuses to give us publicity.  As a party, we must accept that reality.

There was a time when I received regular phone-calls from the BBC or Channel 4, but as soon as I spoke about immigration, or the religion of Islam itself (as opposed to “Islamism”, whatever that is) as the source of the problems associated with that ideology, the phone-calls stopped.  In other words, I found out that I had a choice: I can have MSM coverage, but only if I sell out.  I decided selling out was not an option for me.  I cannot say what I know not to be true in order to gain MSM favour.  I don’t believe yet another game player in politics is in the interests of the people of this country.

The press is the problem.  It is the press that decides who gets to speak to the country and who doesn’t.  That’s why those of us who oppose mass immigration and are honest and open about the impact of importing hostile religions and ideologies, or who understand climate alarmism, or object to the trans madness, are not going to get positive press coverage.  Our only option then is to work from the ground up.  We must accept that we are not going to get Nigel Farage’s publicity.  Farage gets his desired coverage by joining in the denouncement of people like myself.  He joins that chorus of “racist”, “far right”, “thug”, and is rewarded with a seat at the MSM table.  I will never denounce decent working class British patriots as “racists” or “thugs”, therefore I will not be able to take Farage’s route.

I believe that in order to take off nationally, our party needs an MP, and I will do all I can to become that MP (though I very much encourage others to aspire to the same).  This circus in May however, is not it.  I’ve stated clearly that I will only be accepted as MP for Hartlepool, and rightly so, when I prove myself to the people of this town.  Only then will they take the mammoth step of breaking the two-party hold over Parliament.  How will I do that?  By winning a seat on Hartlepool Borough Council and earning (yes earning) the trust of the great people of this beautiful town.  I feel a sense of personal duty to do so.

We must not however underestimate the amount of work and effort it will take to win a seat on Hartlepool Council, or any other council.  The people must be persuaded to accept us and this will take energy and focus.  If I am distracted by this circus, which will gain us nothing as a party, then we could lose everything.  We’ll get no publicity, and I will have lost my chance at a seat on the council, and with it my opportunity to prove myself to the people.  We cannot lose such opportunities at this point because we simply don’t have the time.  I don’t want to wait years longer to get elected to Hartlepool Council, I want to act now so that we can get on with things.  We need to win elections to get the platform we simply will not get from the mainstream media.

The idea that my standing for Parliament will get us the publicity we need to win the council seat is a non-starter.  I will win that council seat by talking to the people.  I cannot do that if my focus is elsewhere.  Besides, a victory for someone as controversial as myself is far more likely to gain us publicity!  More importantly, it will also provide a platform in to the future, something we won’t get with a few fleeting articles now (assuming we were to get those articles, which I doubt, and I doubt it based on experience).

The people of Hartlepool simply don’t know us well enough yet.  With some time on the council, I will change that.

Comparisons with other parties are always unhelpful to my mind – we are not any other party.  However, for the sake of argument, let me address two other parties that have already come up in this debate: Ukip and the Greens.

Ukip won 1,000s of council seats but never made it to Parliament.  Therefore, it has been suggested to me that winning council seats does not help get to Parliament.  Let me address this clearly.

We are not Ukip.  Ukip is not us.  Yes they had council seats, but their most high profile person, Nigel Farage, could not get in to Parliament.  Why?  Because he too was playing chess.  It was all about the game.  It usually is.  Farage did not commit himself to a town in the way I have to Hartlepool.  He popped up at election time.  This is standard for politicians who see the people merely as a means to an end – the “end” being access to the media stage and the fame and fortune that comes with it.

There are other reasons why Ukip did not break that mould; they were focussed on a single issue (the EU) and in the public mind, that was what they represented, because that’s how they presented themselves.  Ukip was a means by which the public could assert its view on Brexit, and it was a party that was happy to fulfil that role.  The Brexit Party was the same.  It too was a public gauge on a specific issue.  This can never translate in to garnering enough trust to convince people to break the two party mould of Labour and Tory.

Now to the Greens.  This party has won a Parliamentary seat, but has failed to capitalise on it.  The first point to make is that the Greens utterly dominate Caroline Lucas’s seat of Brighton Pavilion.  Visit the area and you’ll see.  The Greens are part of the town.  They also have the majority on the council.  The Greens won this area by focussing on it, for some years.  They have a local connection that can’t be created overnight.  It’s a connection that can’t be magicked up at election time.

Why has this failed to propel the Greens forward?  It’s simple, because the field is crowded. The Greens are on the left, but so is the mainstream.  Labour have much the same ‘woke’ policies as the Greens, and indeed, so do the Tories.  The Lib Dems are the same.  It’s “woke”, “woke”, “woke”.

The Greens won a Parliamentary seat by focussing locally, but they didn’t expand because the mainstream has the same national policies.  This is particularly the case on the Greens’ most fundamental identity: climate change.  The field is swamped with climate change alarmism – the Greens don’t stand a chance.  This does not apply to us.

I’m aware that this will be very disappointing to many.  I’m aware that some may even resign.  I’m prepared for it.  It’s a very sad part of the job, but I still have to do what is in the best interests of the party.  I have spent days thinking this through and I know in my gut (and my head) that it is the right decision.  I will remain focussed and join the other council candidates putting themselves forward in May’s local elections.

In two years’ time, there will be a general election.  That means if I focus on the council now, and win, I have two years to cement my relationship with the people of this town, and prove myself to them.  That is the kind of commitment that convinces people to place their trust in an individual, and break the mould.  Nothing else will do it.  The Green Party has demonstrated this.

One thing we must never forget, and I say this specifically to my fellow brave For Britain candidates, we have the greatest manifesto in this country and we will bring that manifesto to the people.  We cannot do that through the mainstream media so we must do it at local level.  This message is entirely consistent with the message I have maintained since our party began.  It is also entirely in keeping with our five year plan – something we will continue to pursue because that’s what we said we would do!

I want to finish by thanking those who are standing with me in May, and those who support them.  You are British heroes and never forget it.

My energy, my focus, my heart and my soul, are entirely committed to this party, this country, and the British people.  For all of us, my attention is on our future, rather than this fleeting election.  It’s the right thing to do.


Anne Marie Waters 


For Britain 

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