by Hugo Jenks, Islam Spokesman

There is an inevitability to the response by the Muslim community, whenever someone takes offence. The details may vary, but the pattern is the same. Outraged mobs, chanting, intimidation, death threats. In the case of the teacher Samuel Paty in a suburb of Paris in October 2020, beheading in the street, by a refugee.

On the 22nd March 2021, parents contacted Batley Grammar school, near Dewsbury in the north of England, complaining about the alleged use of a Mohammed cartoon in a Religious Studies class. The head teacher Alex Kibble issued an apologetic initial statement. And then a further grovelling statement that is copied below.

I will not go into the details of the incident itself, as it has been widely reported in the mainstream media, and there may be aspects that are not in the public domain.

What we do need to examine is the response of the head teacher. In his second statement, quote: ‘It is important for children to learn about faiths and beliefs, but this must be done in a respectful, sensitive way.’

Whatever happened to the requirement to teach children factually accurate information? Irrespective of whether some people may or may not like the information. Should imparting the truth, however disquieting, be the primary aim of education or not? Or is the truth subservient now to hurt feelings? If so, what is the purpose of sending children to school?

Anyone who has carefully examined Islamic scripture will know that there are numerous verses in the Koran that call for the murder of non-believers and apostates (those who leave Islam). The head teacher may wish to show respect and sensitivity towards Islam, however he needs to understand that Islam has zero respect or sensitivity towards other religions. He can simply read the Koran in order to prove that fact to himself. Importantly, the Koran must be read with a knowledge of which verses have been abrogated (effectively deleted) and which verses are the abrogators. Download the Abrogated Koran.

Children should be taught the fact that the Koran contains verses calling for violent attacks, and be shown that there is a correlation between these verses and the actions of jihadis, including those who murdered the employees of Charlie Hebdo.

What possible moral equivalence is there between someone drawing a cartoon that some may dislike, and the murder of the cartoonists? And yet those who pander to Islam, including this head teacher, are de facto legitimising such violence.

Clearly our education system would prefer to suspend a teacher, rather than allow the teacher to speak harsh truths. Universities are just as bad as this school, as I know to my own cost. Other schools have expelled teachers for daring to discuss Islam critically. For example a teacher was sacked from a school in Clevedon near Bristol, and banned from ever teaching again, for expressing views critical of Islam. Have a look at this newspaper article. Does it seem plausible that the teacher was attempting to warn his pupils of the dangers of “Asian” grooming gangs? If so, he was showing far more care and concern for their safety and wellbeing, than was the education authority that has thrown him out of the teaching profession. See the article in the Bristol Post, Man banned from teaching after Islamophobic comments.

What is it that the Government requires children to be taught about Islam? You can see the Religious Studies curriculum here: Religious Studies GCSE subject content, February 2015  

The section on Islam covers numerous of the more superficial aspects of Islam: daily life, prayer, rituals, sects, etc. However, the discussion of Islamic supremacy is absent, and yet is absolutely key.

There seems to be no discussion in the curriculum that women in Islam are regarded as inferior to men, or that non-Muslims are also regarded as inferior to Muslims. No discussion that the accounts of the life of Mohammed were written hundreds of years after the events described. No discussion of the thousands of textural variants, in Arabic, between different versions of the Koran and that it therefore cannot be described as “the perfect book”. No mention of abrogation, which is absolutely key to the task of understanding the Koran. There is no discussion of the scientific absurdities in Islam, nor the lack of modern concepts such as Human Rights, or equality.

No indication that Islam permits and indeed encourages deceit. No indication that the Koran permits sex slavery, and certainly no indication that this may well give encouragement to the Muslim rape gangs in the UK. No indication that Islamic charity cannot be given to non-Muslims, nor that 1/8th of charitable donations are “for the cause of Allah”. In the Koran this phrase is frequently present within verses demanding violence, “fighting for the cause of Allah”. No indication that fighting for the cause of Allah gives the highest merit in the eyes of Allah that a Muslim man can achieve.

There is no indication that the fear of eternal torment in hell is the single most powerful force that represses the minds of Muslims. There is no indication that the terms “good” and “bad” within Islam are completely at odds with the conventional meaning of these terms. The curriculum describes Allah as having attributes of “fairness and justice”. This is blatant deceit and misinformation. No mention that Islam permits and indeed requires Muslims to be deceitful. No mention that the traditional Halal method of animal slaughter, without pre-stunning, is wantonly cruel, or that the method sometimes used in Halal abattoirs, “stun to stun”, is grossly inadequate in minimising animal suffering.

Of course, violent jihad is also obfuscated in the curriculum, and yet that is also highly significant and is one tool to be used to ensure that totalitarian Islam gains control of entire nations. Here is a quote from the curriculum:

“Jihad: the meaning and significance of greater and lesser; origins, influence and conditions for declaration of lesser jihad.”

It is clear that the education system is now sugar-coating Islam. Any teacher who has glimpsed the harsh truth about Islam, and dares to even hint at it, is booted out.

Given the demographic trends, we are rapidly approaching the point of no return of the Islamisation of the UK. Islam already has de facto control of the education system. It is going to be extremely hard to reverse this condition. Yet it is our duty, for the sake of the younger generations, that we do so. Their birthright is to live in a society of freedom, that we inherited from our own parents, bought at immense cost of treasure and blood. That freedom has already been damaged by the influence of Islam, and is set to become a whole lot worse in coming years and decades, if we sit on our hands and do nothing. Squandered because of the seeming necessity to avoid offending the feelings of the Muslims. What a huge price to pay, for so little gain!

“Children of the future age

Reading this indignant page

Know that in a former time

Love, sweet love, was thought a crime”

― William Blake

Statement by head teacher Alex Kibble

‘The school unequivocally apologises for using a totally inappropriate image in a religious studies lesson. It should not have been used.

‘The member of staff has also relayed their sincere apologies.

‘We have immediately withdrawn teaching on this part of the course, and we are revising how we go forward with the support of all communities represented in our school.

‘It is important for children to learn about faiths and beliefs, but this must be done in a respectful, sensitive way.

‘The member of staff has been suspended pending an independent formal investigation.

‘The school is working closely with our governing body and community leaders to help us resolve this situation, and we continue to do so.

‘I know many of you will have questions but we are undertaking a formal process now and it is therefore very difficult for us to be able to answer any of those questions without jeopardising that, but we hope that we can reach a swift conclusion moving forward.’