On Palm Sunday, many Christians in the world will be gearing up for Easter, their most significant religious festival of the year. For Christians, Easter represents the ultimate expression of compassion and forgiveness, as they believe that Christ died to forgive mankind of their sins and wrongdoing. Whether you personally believe it or not, it is a message of love and redemption, one that is positive and at it’s heart aims to teach forgiveness and hope.

Yet it is a time that sees an increase in attacks on Christians around the world, as today we have seen in Indonesia as one (possibly two) muslim suicide bombers self detonated at a Roman Catholic Church where worshippers were celebrating Palm Sunday. We rarely hear about Christian persecution in the media – it is estimated that over 340 million face varying levels around the world – from both Islamic and Communist regimes. In Yemen for example, you can be summarily executed simply for being Christian by the hard-line Islamic regime, yet we never hear demands for ‘human rights reform’; the world doesn’t seem to care. The same for Palestine and others – the regimes are portrayed as victims, even though they regularly commit shocking atrocities against minority groups. Despite the high levels of persecution, the UK takes very few Christian refugees, a notable example being Asia Bibi, the Christian in Pakistan who was sentenced to death for allegedly insulting Islam. Despite the clear threat to her life, Theresa May feared her presence in the UK may ‘upset certain local communities’ and so she eventually had to go to Canada. When did the UK lose it’s moral compass to this extent?

This intolerance we see for Christians and Christianity doesn’t stop there of course. The largest UK poll of it’s type revealed that over half of UK muslims wish to see homosexuality become a criminal offence. At a time of heightened promotion of the LGBT community, it is quite something that the media constantly overlooks this fact from a large section of the population.  Where are Stonewall, Labour MPs and the media talking about bigotry, homophobia and hate crime? It was shocking to hear on Talk Radio yesterday a paramedic recount his story of not being allowed into a mosque to treat a heart attack victim because he was gay. Even more shocking were the death threats he received – and that the police and his employer failed to act on his behalf, another example of our 2-tier justice system. Just listen to the call:-

The disgraceful scenes at Batley where a baying mob of muslim men are demanding the sacking of a teacher for the crime of teaching his religious studies class about blasphemy and potential consequences in Islam provides more evidence of intolerance. He used Charlie Hebdo as an example, with the cartoons that triggered the slaughter of 17 people used as part of the session. Despite the teacher’s neighbour saying he is incredibly respectful to Islam, giving him a card at Eid and halal sweets to his children, this isn’t enough to save him. There is never forgiveness or redemption. Death threats have now been caught on camera – ‘we will have his blood inshallah’ – within earshot of the police who fail to act. There is intolerance of the teaching of intolerance!

His headmaster, Batley Grammar School, Union, MP, Labour Council, Police and Government have all thrown this teacher under the bus, none have had the spine to demand his immediate reinstatement and condemned the local community for their threats and intimidation (that meant kids have been unable to attend school). The mob, most of which do not have kids in the school, and an Imam cannot be making demands on a school curriculum and making statements to the press of what they deem an appropriate outcome. Who is shutting them down and telling them this isn’t acceptable? We have seen again and again in undercover footage the bigotry taught in Islamic faith schools; it is clear that there is a clear lack of appetite to stand up to the bigots.

So, what price is there to tolerate the intolerant? Will “if we are just nicer and give them what they want it’ll all be fine” ever work, as one caller to Talk Radio claimed? Every example in history and around the world gives us an emphatic ‘no’ – the demands simply increase. Do you trust the Tories or Labour to stand up to the mob and clearly state our British and Western values around free speech, and how nobody has the right not to be offended? Labour still hold meetings with women segregated away from the men to appease; so much for their claim to be ‘the party of women’.

We have to change the direction of this country if we do not want to lose everything that we stand for. On Palm Sunday, you may not be a Christian, but you probably relate to Judeo-Christian values and miss the time when we stood for morality and what is right – when we had the strength of character to proudly state what we believed in and didn’t allow anyone to threaten that.

Things have to change, and in May that change can start by voting in For Britain councillors to replace being governed by people who are prepared to let it all drift away.



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