Anne Marie Waters

Sunday 4th April 2021


If people make a cushy living on the back of “racism”, will they want racism to reduce, or even disappear altogether?  Of course they won’t, they make a cushy living from it.  There are groups and organisations across the UK whose very existence depends on “racism”.  These groups, as well as many individuals, wouldn’t receive funding, or pop up on TV screens, if not for their ‘work’ in trying to wipe out “racism”.

So when a report finds that actually, racism is less and less a problem in the UK, they react with fury, and show their true colours.  These are the racists, these are the ones obsessed with the colour of our skins, and these are the ones who whip up racial division at every opportunity, because their cushy livelihoods, funding, and TV appearances would otherwise be gone.

When the violent communist terror group Black Lives Matter were destroying livelihoods, stealing property, and causing death and destruction last year, those in the racism industry insisted that black people are the perpetual victims of the evil whites and something had to be done.  On the back of it, the “Conservative” party ordered a report in to racism in the UK.  This report was complete last week and for some of us, it was a bit of a shock – not because it found racism everywhere, but because it didn’t.  It actually reflected the reality most of us live in.  The UK is not a racist country.  We all know that.  The report agreed.

The key points are these:

  1. The report was critical of an “increasingly strident form of anti-racism thinking that seeks to explain all minority disadvantage through the prism of white discrimination”.  Imagine that!  Not all problems in the lives of non-white people are caused by whites.  In fact, in the UK today, white people are the only racial group that can be lawfully discriminated against; it is perfectly legal to advertise a job and exclude white people from applying.
  2. Social media “amplifies racist views”.  To many of us, social media (particularly Twitter) is a toxic sewer.  It has provided a platform to the vilest of people and is erroneously assumed to reflect society more broadly – it doesn’t.
  3. Children from ethnic minorities do as well at school, or better, at than white pupils.  According to the BBC: In the education system, black African, Indian and Bangladeshi pupils perform better than white British ones, taking into account socio-economic status. Ethnic minority pupils also have higher aspirations at 14 than white students – with the exception of boys from black Caribbean backgrounds.  New arrivals to the UK have seized on educational opportunities and achieved “remarkable social mobility”, making education the “single most emphatic success story of the British ethnic minority experience”.
  4. Family breakdown is a major cause of educational failure and crime.  The report noted that black Caribbean children do worse at school than whites,  but that racism is not to blame.  Instead, it may well be partly caused by the fact that 63% of black Caribbean children come from single parent families.
  5. Ethnic minorities are not discriminated against in healthcare, despite the insistence that COVID-19 has caused greater suffering in BAME groups.  “Overall ethnic minority groups have better outcomes than the white population in terms of life expectancy, overall mortality and for many of the leading causes of mortality.”

In essence, the report found that groups like Black Lives Matter are wrong.  White people are not “privileged” and do not actively and purposefully cause disadvantage for non-whites.  In fact, if anything, taking the above in to account, it is white people who are suffering discrimination and under-performance.

So who exactly has reacted with fury to these findings?  Those who have pushed the ridiculous notion of “structural” or “institutional” racism and received money and fame for doing so.  Structural or institutional racism was invented when real racism began to diminish.  As decades have gone on, black and white in the UK have got to know each other and real racism has reduced and reduced.  The race-baiters consequently needed something new to continue their lucrative hatred of whites, so structural and institutional racism was born.  Nobody can clearly explain what this is, but in a nutshell, it means that the democratic and capitalist system of Western countries inherently disadvantages non-whites.  This simply isn’t true of course because non-white people are hugely successful within this system.  But evidence doesn’t matter to those who hate, and whose lucrative living depends on their hate.

It’s not all driven by hate of white people and white majority countries however, it’s also about the system itself.  Communists and socialists insist that capitalism and democracy are ‘racist’, because they want to add a moral veneer to their real desire: the destruction of capitalism and democracy.

This isn’t hidden from view.  Black Lives Matter openly push for a society akin to communism.  Some Labour MPs are quite clear about it too.  Zarah Sultana MP recently declared racism a “feature of capitalism”.  She wrote:

“Racism in society isn’t a glitch, it’s a feature. It’s functional to the key driver of our economic system: the accumulation of capital. This, rather than meeting human need, is fundamental to capitalism. And it is why racism is embedded in its social relations.”

“This racism isn’t incidental. It’s central to capitalism — both its history and in the present day,” 

The hatred of Britain is central to the insistence that it is a racist society.  Those who hate it must find reasons to continue to hate it, and “racism” fills that role.  People like Kehinde Andrews, a professor who pops up repeatedly to denounce the Britain he continues to live in despite how awful it is, has popped up again.  Calling the report a “fairytale”, Andrews insisted that there is evidence of “institutional racism”.  He said “if you actually look at the key defining things in school performance, which is five A*-C GCSE, you’ll find is the significant underperformance of both black African black Caribbean and other minorities”.  He doesn’t offer any proof that this is caused by racism though.  Unsurprisingly.

The usual suspects were screaming and shouting as always.  Diane Abbott dismissed it.  David Lammy, one of the worst race-baiters in the country, refused interviews about the report for the sake of his mental health.  Lammy tweeted:

“For my own mental well-being I am not doing media interviews on the race commission today.

“Like so many in Britain’s black community, I’m tired!

“Tired of the endless debate about whether structural racism exists with little desire to actually address it. We are being gaslighted.”

It’s quite unbelievable.  Lammy is so insistent on his status as a victim that he feels no need to actually offer evidence of so-called “structural racism”, we must accept it as real because he says so, and to disagree is to cause strain to his mental health.

But it is the obviously-oppressed Cambridge professor Priyamvada Gopal who has probably caused the most controversy with her response.  She compared the authors to the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.  Breitbart reports:

Gopal, who serves as a professor of postcolonial studies at the university, questioned the credentials of Dr Tony Sewell, one of the lead authors of the 264-page Downing Street report that concluded there is no “institutional racism” in the United Kingdom, asking: “Am I correct in thinking that it’s not, in fact, ‘Dr’ Tony Sewell? I mean, if we are doing to pander to the establishment, then surely the establishment’s rules matter.”

Upon learning that the Jamaican heritage chairman of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities is in fact a doctor, receiving a PhD from Nottingham University, the woke professor added: “Fair enough. Even Dr Goebbels had a research PhD.”

Similarly, the Labour MP Clive Lewis tweeted a picture of the Ku Klux Klan.

The race-baiters were enraged.  Their victimhood, their invented grievances, and their lucrative living is being seriously challenged by reality; the Britain that those of us who are not obsessed with our skin colours live in.

Britain is (or was) a wonderful country, but those who want to bring it down will always say otherwise.  This is no exception.  No matter the evidence, the race baiters will always insist that they are oppressed, and that the white majority is the evil oppressor.  They get paid for it.  The rest of us however will get on with our lives and make our living in rather less bitter and hateful ways.



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