An open letter sent to GB News for the attention of Nigel Farage on Sunday 22nd August 2021.

In the stated GBNews / Talking Pints spirit of dialogue and not censoring voices ignored by the mainstream, the For Britain party chairman has requested that Nigel Farage discusses his 2017 comments about Anne Marie Waters, offering Anne Marie the opportunity of right of reply (if he still stands by them). At the time it appeared to be political smearing in an effort to influence the leadership campaign in favour of Henry Bolton.

For Britain had to expel a number of actual far right directly attributable to these comments, as they mistakenly thought that the party would welcome them. As someone who has received smears and defamation himself, Nigel must have been aware of the impact of these baseless comments. It is time that his historical supporters and now supporters of Anne Marie hear whether he stands by the comments four years later.

Letter below:-

NF Letter GBNews