Review of the For Britain ‘Bring Back Britain’ Party Conference.

After a two-year gap we were finally able to get together again and meet old friends and make new ones.  The theme was “Bring Back Britain” and the venue was again in the North West at a fantastic venue.  The weather interfered and many people could not get there because of the snow, with trains cancelled and roads closed. We missed them but this summary and the videos should bring them up to date.  The conference was opened by host David Vance of AltNewsMedia and by Ian Mack who welcomed us to “his manor”.

We had speeches from two veterans; Richard Inman who was passionate and energetic in highlighting the injustices the government have imposed on veterans and Gus Hales who was equally passionate about the manipulation and deceit surrounding Covid laws and their consequences.  Both were very warmly received.

Paul Burgess, our climate Spokesman showed how statistics are undoubtedly being manipulated to create alarm over so called “climate change”.  He argued that CO2 had little if anything to do with change.

Our party secretary Myriam Sohail spoke about the need to be active in every arena and to take every opportunity to stand for office whether it be on Parish Councils or local authority elections.

David Clews of Unity News Network was on just before lunch and he reinforced the message that the government were not being honest with us.

We also had an unscheduled address by a Swiss epidemiologist who was attending as a guest. She gave her views on the Covid issue and of her attitude towards vaccinations via a Q&A with the audience.

Mike Speakman as Party Law and order spokesman highlighted events over the last fifty years where he saw that our identity as British was being undermined and pointed the audience to the new manifesto which explained how we would “Bring Back Britain”.

The bad weather meant we brought forward the presentation of Britannia awards to those volunteers who had done exceptional work in the last two years, and we also brought forward the raffle.

The day concluded with a rousing speech from Anne Marie who set the party off in a new direction which will focus on linking to the many activist groups springing up around the country and whose views and motivations greatly overlap with ours. This conference launched the new party manifesto for 2022, and every attendee was provided with a copy.

The day was interspersed with recorded videos from around the world, where like-minded people expressed their support. We had Anni Cyrus from the USA and Kirralie Smith from Australia. We also had a message from a Texas member Scott Dragland who is writing a book on why Texas should secede from the Union of states.

The shop operated very successfully throughout the day and Ed, party chairman looked after all the AV, ably assisted by Kadeeja, our deputy chair who we were pleased to see back and active again.

The day was lively and informative. It was motivational and inspiring, full of good humour and banter. Everyone enjoyed it and we will be back next year.  Thanks to the speakers who gave their time and thanks to all the volunteers who made it possible and so successful.