For Britain will protest against Black Lives Matter in Bristol 


For Britain will protest against the Black Lives Matter movement at the site of the plinth that once held the statue of Edward Colston.

The protest will take place on April 9th at 1 pm. 

For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters will speak at the protest.  She said: “Black Lives Matter care nothing for black lives!  They have been involved in violence and destruction, including against black people and their property in the United States.  They say they are protesting against slavery, but why focus on Western countries who abolished, and not on the countries that still practice black slavery today?  This is not concern for black people, it is hatred of white people, and we won’t accept it.”

The organisation, founded in the United States and brought to prominence following the police killing of George Floyd in 2020, has recently been engulfed in financial scandal as $60 million of donations remains unaccounted for, while its founders amass personal property and wealth.

For Britain will also protest against the destruction of monuments and statues of historical figures, and believes those who engage in such activities should face the full extent of the law, regardless of politics.

Waters: “With Black Lives Matter, we are witnessing mob rule.  We must not accept this, and For Britain does not accept this.  We invite anyone who can to join us on the day”.