Committee member and Law & Order Spokesman Mike Speakman, ex Deputy Chief Constable on the recent treatment of journalist and For Britain member Tommy Robinson.

History is full of examples of people who have challenged the conventional wisdom of the establishment, sometimes coming to a sticky end.  To name just two we have Galileo who fell out with the Catholic Church and was tried by the Inquisition, or Leon Trotsky who fell out with the Soviet leadership and was assassinated.  We might quote more recent examples like Alexander Litvinenco or Sergei Skripal or the multiple suicides associated with a certain American Couple. Falling out with the establishment is a risky business and can be a source of considerable trouble.

What has happened then with our member Tommy Robinson? Coincidentally he ran into trouble in Mexico, which is also where Trotsky met his demise.  He was refused entry to Mexico on the grounds of “National Security” despite the fact that he was going on holiday with his children. What prompted the Mexican authorities to do this? Usually, “undesirable” people are put on a list by a country who doesn’t want them. We have seen examples in this country when some visitors who do not share the views of the establishment are refused entry and turned back. Leading Western Islamic scholar, friend of the party and best selling author Robert Spencer unjustifiably found himself on the ‘banned list’ after a petition from extreme far left political activists Hope Not Hate.

Usually, the receiving country have had advance notice of that person’s intention to travel there. What have Mexico to fear from Tommy?  I don’t know, to my knowledge he has no history with Mexico so why should he appear on any list there? It could be the British Government’s doing, but I doubt it.  I suspect more sinister forces at work. We have organisations in this country who make it their business to harass people they don’t agree with, it is not unknown for them to contact foreign agencies specifically to cause trouble for certain individuals and our Tommy certainly has a target on his back.

But his troubles didn’t end in Mexico, they deported him back to the UK, specifically to Manchester airport. It was here that the most troubling aspect of this episode transpires. Most of the events were recorded on video and published on social media.  The earliest video shows a Manchester police officer taking hold of Tommy and telling him he is under arrest “for breaching airport security”. Tommy behaves quite passively and does not resist.  Members of the public can be heard telling the police that Tommy has done nothing wrong and fortunately there is other video recorded by witnesses showing the same event. Other Police officers arrive, and Tommy is then released.

Why did this happen, the videos do not show what happened before Tommy was apprehended but it seems that there is no evidence that he had done anything wrong at all? Did the Police mistake him for someone else? It seems unlikely as the first officer seemed to know who he was.  Were the police under orders to detain him?  It seems not as they let him go. I cannot believe that the police were formally ordered to challenge him for no reason and even if they were, there will not be any formal record of that instruction.

It may be the officer was acting on his own initiative which must bring into question his motives.  Did he want the kudos for detaining “an enemy of the state”?  There is no doubt Tommy is a marked man, many left-wing organisations target him and his family and the police have a history of trying to stop him holding meetings.  The establishment have aligned with some of these left-wing groups and even fund them. The establishment is a little more subtle than the Vatican or the Soviets were.  They use “lawfare” to try and bring Tommy to heel. They even retrospectively changed the contempt of court law in order to imprison him.  It is interesting that the establishment and left-wing groups use civil and common law to get him to court.  I think they know that if ever Tommy was put before a jury, they could not guarantee the outcome.  Tommy speaks for the man in the street, he has enormous public support and lately some of my retired police colleagues have come to realise the truth of what he says and the injustice of the way he is treated. Opinion is definitely turning, particularly on the back of the ‘Rape of Britain’ documentary.

For the record, I support what Tommy does.  His campaign to expose the grooming gangs and the corruption of Police, Social Services and Local Government is an embarrassment to the establishment who are determined to cover up the problem. The Home Office have concealed the extent of the problem and continue to do so.  Tommy Robinson and For Britain are one of the few who are taking them on.  We are proud to have him as a member and he deserves our support.  Be in Telford on 7th May for episode 2 and remember that the only why we can make real change is politically, by throwing out the status quo and filling positions with our own people.


Mike Speakman

Retired Deputy Chief Constable

For Britain Law & Order Spokesman.