"Antifa" defend extremist imam while pretending to oppose hate

"Antifa" in South London plan to disrupt my campaign, accusing me of "hate", yet they defend and support an imam known for extremist views.  

A group of fascists who call themselves “anti-fascists” (see here), have organised a rally to protest my right to participate in the democratic process in Britain. They don’t like me. They don’t like that I tell uncomfortable truths about the ideology of Islam, they don’t like that I question the corporate-socialist tyranny of the EU, and they don’t like that I poke a great big hole in their open-border, we-are-all-alike, everything-is-America’s-fault, infantile delusions.

They don’t like me, or my party, but they do like some people. On Saturday 9th June, the “anti-fascists” will assemble in support of the Lewisham Islamic Centre.

Let’s have a little look then, at the Lewisham Islamic Centre, known to have been attended by the murderers of Lee Rigby.

The imam of the latest mosque to gain the unconditional support of “Antifa” is one Shakeel Begg. In 2016, Begg took the BBC to court for libel when it had referred to him as an extremist. He lost.

In the ruling, Justice Haddon-Cave stated that Begg "clearly promotes and encourages violence in support of Islam and espouses a series of extremist Islamic positions". He added "Shakeel Begg is something of a Jekyll and Hyde character. He appears to present one face to the general, local and inter-faith community and another to particular Muslim and other receptive audiences. The former face is benign, tolerant and ecumenical. The latter face is ideologically extreme and intolerant."

This is not unusual of course, sharia-supporting imams and jihadists tactfully show one face to a Western audience routinely (one of tolerance and “inter-faith”) but when they are in the safety of the mosque, the true ugliness reveals itself.

Even the Islamist-appeasing BBC has seen fit to state that “Imam Begg is extremely influential among followers of hardline conservative Islam in the UK”.

What might this mean? What springs to mind when one thinks of “hardline conservative Islam”? Do you think it is supportive of free speech, or does it call for death for blasphemy and apostasy? Is it supportive of gender equality, or does it consider a woman the property of men? Is it supportive of gay rights perhaps, or have a warm attitude towards Britain’s Jews?

We all know the answers.

“Hardline conservative Islam” calls for the death of apostates and blasphemers, treats women as worth half of a man, kills homosexuals, and preaches the complete annihilation of the Jews.

How fortunate are the victims of hate therefore that “Antifa” protects them from me, while defending "hardline conservative Islam" unequivocally and unconditionally.

But this is who they are, this is “Antifa”. They don’t oppose hate in any way, shape, or form, they relish it; provided it’s the right kind of hate, and is directed towards our country, our people, and our way of life.

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