For Britain sits not on the Left nor the Right – we are the voice of the British majority who expect fairness, common sense, and the protection of their culture.

We stand for the traditional British values of freedom of speech, the rule of law, and democracy.  We know that millions of British people are currently without genuine political representation, and we reject the two-party dominance of the Conservatives and Labour.  It isn’t fit for purpose anymore, as we saw after the result of the Brexit referendum. The politicians represented only themselves. We know British people want a return to their values, and For Britain is committed to delivering this. 

We are a positive, pro-Britain party which believes that our citizens are equal; all British people, regardless of colour, sex, or background, will enjoy equal rights and be subject to our laws in equal measure.  

We demand reduced and controlled migration and respect for the cultural values of the majority.  We demand also the that the wishes of the millions of Britons who voted to leave the European Union are respected, and that we leave the EU without further delay. This cannot be delayed further beyond 2020. 

We reject multiculturalism as a racist concept and believe in one law for all.  We believe in truth, justice, reason and evidence.   

We strive for freedom, justice, and democracy.  

For Freedom. For Justice. For Democracy. For Britain. 

Freedom | Justice | Democracy

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