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We have received complaints from some members regarding alleged incidents of racism and or abuse towards people based upon their sexuality. Such behaviour is not acceptable under our party constitution or acceptable in general within For Britain. We treat all such allegations very seriously and take appropriate action where necessary.

Unlike other mainstream parties like the UK Labour Party or other nationalist parties that are happy to support or turn a blind eye to racism, sexism and most well documented Anti-Semitism, we wish to ensure that we are the party that says NO to such extremist views. Our values and constitution make it clear that we treat all British citizens equal no matter their race, sex, sexuality or ethnic heritage. We would like to ask that everyone please take the time to just reacquaint themselves with the constitution here:

We are pleased to say that such views are few and the exception to the norm within For Britain. We wish to keep it that way! So to that aim we have decided to launch a program to help prevent any such forms of abuse from occurring.

We have now launched a new team to monitor and look in to any reports of such abuse within the For Britain Movement.

We would also like to thank our members for their continued support and in making For Britain a welcoming place for all our members and supporters. We are united in a common cause by our beliefs and not some perceived victim status. Let's ensure that we build upon these great foundations.

Please email the team at

Attach a screenshot of anything you believe is of concern.

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