Anne Marie Waters: Why I'm standing in Lewisham East

It’s one of the safest Labour seats in the country, and that’s exactly why I have chosen to stand. 

It’s one of the safest Labour seats in the country, and that’s exactly why I have chosen to stand. I was the UKIP candidate in Lewisham East in 2015, I was de-selected from there in 2017, now it’s time for chapter three of my Lewisham story.

I lived in South London for many years and during that time, was an activist for the South London branch of Keep Our NHS Public. It was campaigning for the NHS that first brought me in to politics, and one of the campaigns I was heavily involved in was one to Save Lewisham Hospital.  I was also a member and activist with the Labour Party in South London a lifetime ago. But now is the time to stand in Lewisham again, and tell the people that the Labour Party they knew has been replaced by the Labour Party I left behind. Voters are now ready to leave it behind as well.

The Labour Party of today is not the party of the working class that it once was. Labour has heavily campaigned for mass immigration (and continues to do so) despite the impact it has had on the wages and conditions of working class Brits. Mass immigration has brought chaos to the NHS and long waiting times are the norm. It has had the most profound impact on law and order, with under-resourced police tackling increasing levels of extreme violence, especially in London. Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan however, doesn’t believe he is doing anything wrong in our increasingly dangerous capital city.  Khan also campaigns for mass immigration and prioritises issues like climate change while London’s youngsters murder each other in the streets. Labour has shown itself to be a complete disaster in London and it’s right that the voters have a better option.

The Labour Party of today is one of anti-Britishness, minority causes, and Islamic extremists. Leader Jeremy Corbyn has a controversial record of apparent sympathy with the IRA, and Amber Rudd said Corbyn had “boasted that he had opposed every piece of anti-terror legislation in his 30 years in office.”  The party lost 300 of its women activists recently in protest at male-female transsexuals being included on all-women shortlists (why Labour needs all-women shortlists is a question it never answers). Labour’s association with extremist Muslims is also increasingly apparent.

Stories of Islamic radicals “infiltrating” the Labour Party go back some years, with Andrew Gilligan revealing it’s extent in 2010. Since then, several Muslim Labour candidates have been suspected of extremist sympathies, including of course London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who was accused of sharing a platform with extremists by then Prime Minister David Cameron. (Cameron was subjected to shouts of “racist” for his trouble).

Breitbart reported recently thatFormer governors of a Trojan Horse school, where hard-line Muslims attempted spread an extreme ideology, have been out campaigning for Labour in the city”.  Trojan Horse refers to the school scandal in Birmingham where Muslim extremists were found to be plotting a takeover of school boards in order to extend their ideology to children. Now they’re campaigning for Labour. That matters.

The Lewisham shortlist is being imposed from above, much to the complaint of local activists, and the Guardian described short-listing as “a test case for how the party’s leftwingers will make use of the party machinery now they have full control”.

The Evening Standard last week “warned” that the local elections would be “used by hard-Left extremists to take control”.

It’s obvious now that the Labour Party has changed, and people deserve something better– there must be someone to speak for the ordinary Londoner. There must be someone to speak for the 40% in Lewisham who voted for Brexit. They deserve an anti-EU voice, and For Britain intends to give it to them. We are the real party for Brexit, and for a post-EU Europe.

The time for this campaign is short, with election day as soon as June 14th. Whoever the Labour candidate may be, people must have another option; an option that stands in opposition to the status quo. We will reach out not only to disillusioned Labour voters, but those concerned about the lack of common sense politics and real principle. We will reach the 30% in Lewisham who decided there was nobody worthy of their vote last time.

For Britain will not run from difficult issues and we’ll put the interests of the people first. I spend almost every day urging people to bring about change by using their vote, but they can only do this when we put ourselves forward.

I’m excited to take on this challenge but I need your help – please get involved by emailing or donate at

Thank you. I hope to see you in Lewisham.


Anne Marie Waters


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