Email from Anne Marie to members - meet your new deputy leader 

I recently informed you that I have appointed a deputy leader For Britain.  His name is Jeff Wyatt and I am delighted to have him on board.  Jeff is a very successful businessman, and has also had a thriving sporting career.  You can read about his time in motor-racing here

I'm very excited that Jeff will help lead our party.  He will bring a wealth of experience and will relate easily to the voting public.  I want to give my sincere thanks again to him for taking on this role.  If you wish to contact him, please do so at 

Thank you as always, let's look forward to an exciting new future! 

Very best wishes, 

Anne Marie 

Best regards


Latest email from Anne Marie to supporters - 22nd June 2018 

Thank you as always for your continued support.  It's been a very significant couple of weeks for us, the "anti-fascist" protestors have made it clear that they fear us - and they are right to.  I spoke about this on my webcast here 

We must take strength from their protests.  They are against us because they know that when our true message reaches the British public, most people will agree.  We will persevere despite their attempts to silence us. 

Upcoming Events 

I am back on the road visiting members and supporters and this week I attended a meeting in Ipswich (the video will be uploaded soon).  Some dates for your diary are listed below: 

Saturday 23rd June - London; Freedom and Unity March, Victoria, 1 pm 

Monday 25th June - Hartlepool 

Thursday 28th June - Stoke-on-Trent 

Monday 2nd July - Southend-on-Sea

Thursday 5th July - Cumbria 

Saturday 7th July - Lincoln 

Wednesday 11th July - Sheffield 

Saturday 21st July - Norwich 

We will contact you if you live in the above areas, and venue details will be issued on the day of the event.  If you do not receive an email from us, but you would like to attend, please get in touch at  If you would like me to visit your area, please also send us an email.  If you plan to attend any of our events, please invite a friend to join you! 


New branches are being formed every week now as our party grows and grows.  Please get in touch with if you would like to get involved.  I will visit all branches on request, and leaflets will be supplied.  


As you know, we are developing our national manifesto and you will be asked to vote on key policy areas.  This will be done online and the link to vote will be issued to you on July 6th.  Further information to follow.  Our economic policy was somewhat delayed by our campaign in Lewisham, but this is now being finalised and will be published next week.  I will also deliver on online speech about this policy document.  We will of course send this to you and add it to the website.  

National Conference

When you have cast your vote on key policies, we will include these results in our full manifesto, to be published at our first national conference in The Midlands on September 23rd.  Please note the date.  We're inviting some very exciting speakers and it promises to be a great event.  It will be an opportunity for us to come together from around the country and plan the future of our party.  Please try to come along.  Further details will of course follow soon.  


Given the recent events in Lewisham, and increased interest in us from "anti-fascists", we now unfortunately have to employ security for many of our events.  This however comes at a cost, I would be very grateful if you would consider donating for this.  It is of the utmost importance that what happened in Lewisham does not happen again.  We must be able to speak, and we must be safe as we do it.  It's so unfortunate that we are in this position, but with the Labour Party and other extreme-Left activists (and the press) stirring up hatred against us, it is sadly necessary to protect ourselves.  I'm really grateful for your help with this. 


We will be launching a specific campaign against religious slaughter, and for increased animal welfare standards, in the coming weeks.  We have exciting plans for this so please stay tuned. 


Our website is undergoing enormous advancement, and merchandise will be available very soon.  It's taken some time to get this together, but at last an end to our immediate IT work is now in sight.  We'll send this to you as soon as it's complete.  


My webcasts will return on Monday but in order for me to be able to do more of these, I will change to the earlier time of 9 am.  These will of course be available immediately on our website each day.  If there is anything you'd like me to discuss on these, please get in touch and let me know on 

Thank you once again for joining us in standing up For Britain.  We are a vibrant and exciting party that is growing daily, we will give a voice to the decent and fair-minded British majority. 

Very best wishes, 

Anne Marie 

Best regards
For Britain 


Email from Anne Marie to supporters - 14th June 2018 

Dear For Britain Supporter, 

It's the big day in Lewisham East and I want to sincerely thank everyone for their hard work during this short campaign.  Volunteers came from around the country and I am truly grateful.  We have run a great campaign! 

As you might know, I was unfortunately prevented from entering the 'hustings' event organised for Tuesday evening.  This was on police advice as they deemed the situation too unsafe.  I spoke about it briefly here.  I'll report on this again after the election.  

The blogs I wrote during the campaign can be found here, here, here, herehere, and here.

Next week, I will be taking off around the country again - so here are some dates for your diary: 

Ipswich - Wednesday 20th June 

London (UK Freedom and Unity March) - Saturday 23rd June  

Hartlepool - Monday 25th June  

Stoke-on-Trent - Thursday 28th June 

Southend-on-Sea - Monday 2nd July 

Cumbria - Thursday 5th July 

Lincoln (out-door speech) - Saturday 7th July 

Sheffield - Wednesday 11th July 

Norwich - Saturday 21st July 

More to follow.... 

As before, we will contact people in the local area prior to the meeting (as a reminder), then we will send you venue details on the day.  If you do not receive an email from us, but would still like to attend, contact us on and we will let you have the details.  

If you would like me to attend a meeting in your area, please get in touch on 

New For Britain branches are being set up regularly now, and if you're interested in setting up your own, please get in touch at and we will provide full support.  You can find details of our current branches here.

This evening, I will attend the Lewisham East verification and vote count, and I will of course give a full update on my webcast at 11 am tomorrow. 

Thank you once again.  For Britain has only just begun.  I am extremely proud of our party and our incredible supporters - thank you all, we are making history and we are doing it For Britain. 

Very best wishes, 

Anne Marie Waters




Letter to supporters, 22nd May 2018

Dear all,

Thank you for your continued support of For Britain at this exciting time for our party.  Here is an update on all that has been going on.  

Lewisham East

As you will know, we are in the midst of our first Parliamentary by-election, which is taking place in Lewisham East on June 14th. You can read my blogs on this here and here.

Campaigning is taking place every day, thank you to all volunteers for working so hard. If you can help us campaign, please contact If you can help us by donating, please do so at  

We are organizing two national campaign days on the weekend of June 9th and 10th. We are asking branches around the country therefore to arrange groups to get to Lewisham that weekend. Further details will be sent to you closer to the time. This is a key campaign for our party and I’m grateful for everyone’s help.

Committee Meeting and Branch Formation 

Yesterday, the evolving committee of For Britain met in Crewe. We discussed various issues around how to take the party forward. Our focus for the moment is on the Lewisham East by-election and building new branches.

I have been travelling the country attending branches and if you’ve registered an interest in forming one, I will be in touch soon to help you get your initial meeting organized. I will attend branch launch meetings and answer your questions. These meetings have been a huge success and you can see videos on our website here. This will be updated as the meetings progress.

We have now made the branch formation process vastly simpler, and this will help speed things up. All that is required is a branch secretary and chair to register their interest with us, sign data protection documents, and then they are free to launch. If you are interested in starting a branch, but don’t yet have someone to work with, contact us on and we will organize a local members’ meeting in your area.  

Getting branches up and going is a key priority for me, so please do get in touch; with branches in place, we can begin selecting candidates both for next year’s local elections and for upcoming Parliamentary elections – whenever they may be!

We are very flexible with branches and what areas they cover, members are free to organize as they feel best. You can find a lot of information on branches, as well as recently added guidance on social media, in the members’ area here. We also have a new branch organiser, Janet Underwood, who can be contacted at In the next few months, we will contact you again regarding putting regional officers in place to provide personal support to branches, and we will evolve as we grow, but putting the branches in place first is vital. Thank you for your much-needed help in this regard.

Our committee has changed and evolved in recent months, and you can now read the full list in the members’ area here. You will notice that I have appointed a new deputy leader, Jeff Wyatt. Jeff is a loyal and committed activist, as well as a successful businessman and sportsman. I am delighted that he will help lead the party, and bring his passion and motivation to its heart. Jeff is in the process of putting together a video to introduce himself to you. This will be along in the coming days.

Economic Manifesto

I am delighted to announce that our exciting full Economic Manifesto will be published on June 9th. This was written for us by the well-known and respected economist Godfrey Bloom, and we’re grateful to Godfrey for his expertise. It is an exciting manifesto that we know will receive widespread public support. We’ll give you further information about this closer to the time.  The wider manifesto member voting will be organised immediately after the Lewisham election.  Keep an eye out for more information in the coming weeks.  

Membership cards and Merchandise

We have a reliable and long-term printing partner who has been doing great work for us throughout the local elections and Lewisham. This firm will now work with us to provide both membership cards and merchandise. Our website is currently undergoing enormous construction and this will soon be complete.  It will be easier to join (including withe new payment options), as well as other important changes. Membership cards will be with you by the end of June. I know you’ve been waiting for these for a long time, so thank you for your patience – we were unable to follow this through until our logo was accepted by the Electoral Commission.


This week I will be on the road again. I am speaking in Leicester on Thursday evening (May 24th) at 7 pm. If you are in the East Midlands area, you will receive an email from us on Thursday afternoon providing venue details. Please keep an eye out for this. If you are not in that area but would still like to attend, please contact and let us know.

You may be familiar with the fact that regular Muslim prayer is taking place (unlawfully) at Speakers’ Corner in London. You can read about this here. Therefore, I have been asked to attend to speak there on Sunday 27th May at 2 pm. (I will be leafleting in Lewisham prior to this, if you can help, contact I will talk about freedom of speech, Islam, and the harm one is causing to the other. Please attend if you can.

Next week, I will be in Southampton on the 29th and Oxford on the 30th. As above, if you are in the area, you will receive an email with details of this, but if you live elsewhere and would still like to attend, please get in touch.

Become a Councillor By Co-option

There are thousands of vacant councillor positions on town/parish councils across the UK.  To put your name forward for one of these vacancies you must live, work, or own land in the relevant town or parish, or within 3 miles of the area.  You simply need to ask the council clerk if there are any vacancies. If there are, you can apply to be a 'For Britain' councillor.  I would be very grateful if people would consider putting themselves forward for this. If you need help or advice, contact Councillor Brian Silvester at This is a prime opportunity for us to get For Britain bums in seats!

Thank you once again for your support throughout these months. Our party is truly taking off and it’s an incredibly exciting time.

Thank you for making it happen and for standing up For Britain.

My very best wishes,

Anne Marie

Anne Marie Waters 




PRESS RELEASE - Anne Marie Waters to stand in Lewisham East (Read Anne Marie's Blog here).

Anne Marie Waters, leader of the ‘For Britain’ Movement, has today announced her candidacy in the Lewisham East by-election.

Waters previously contested the seat for UKIP in 2015, achieving 9.1% of the vote and beating the Liberal Democrats and Greens. The constituency, a safe seat for decades, has been consistently let down by an increasingly extremist Labour Party. Waters intends to give local people the opportunity to show Labour what they really think of them.

Amidst news that the Labour Party candidate is likely to be a Momentum-backed, far-left ideologue, Waters said:

“I want to champion the working people of Lewisham East who have been taken for granted and used for votes by the Labour Party time and time again. This is a party that is becoming increasingly more focused on faux outrage and social engineering, than it is on righting the wrongs inflicted upon the working and middle-class people of this country. The people who get out of the bed in the morning, take the kids to school, go to work, and come home late at night.”

“Not only will I give a voice to the Labour voters left behind by their party, but I want to tell the 30.7% of people who didn’t vote last time that their opinion does matter. I want to speak to everybody in Lewisham, and show them that a new kind of politics is possible. We can beat corrupt politicians who don't care about the average voter if we are brave enough to stand up to them.”

Waters, a former member and activist for the Labour Party, founded the For Britain Movement in late 2017, with a view to challenging the Labour Party’s grip on working class voters.

In its manifesto, For Britain calls for a significant reduction in immigration, for equal policing and justice regardless of skin colour, for a full national investigation into child grooming and abuse, and the deportation of foreign criminals. For Britain also goes beyond the typical Brexit narrative, calling for the total destruction of the European Union, and greater accountability for politicians and police chiefs.

“The For Britain campaign in Lewisham begins now” Anne Marie Waters said today. “Our party is prepared to stand our ground, stand up to corrupt politicians, and demand that voters have greater control over the direction our country takes.”


For Britain website:

For Britain manifesto:

Anne Marie Waters on Twitter:


LATEST EMAIL from Anne Marie Waters - 12th May 2018


Dear For Britain supporter,

I announced something pretty surprising today. Surprising to me, and probably surprising to you!

I am going to stand in the Lewisham East Parliamentary by-election.  Lewisham East is a pro-Remain seat in London. The by-election will be held on June 14th, and I will be up against a Labour/Momentum/Corbynista/radical left candidate who is almost certainly going to win.  There is already controversy surrounding the selection of the Labour candidate, and according to Guido Fawkes, one of the front-runners is endorsed by the Lewisham Islamic Centre

And I say ‘almost certainly’ and not ‘certainly’, because I’m tired of the complacency of these politicians. They assume they have it in the bag every time. They take voters for granted and treat elected office as their personal stage, or personal vehicle. 

I want to put an end to it.

About 40% of Lewisham voters voted Brexit. And about 30% of people didn’t vote in the last General Election. I want to give a voice to those people, and to the people left behind by Labour, the Tories, and UKIP.

That’s why I need your help. That’s why I need you to join me in Lewisham and help me in the month leading up to the by-election.

And that’s why I need your financial support. I hate to ask, but this party only exists because of your support. This is going to be a VERY hard battle to fight – but we can do it with resources and man power.

By donating, you’ll help me pull off a professional campaign in just four weeks. I have lots of ideas up my sleeve. We’ll need three rounds of leaflets to cover the constituency three times, and we’ll need to pay for office/admin costs…and a few other amazing marketing ideas we’re not ready to announce yet!

We need to really make an impact. Get noticed. But we need your help.

So if you want to be a part of this difficult and daring election campaign, please consider donating, or registering as a part of our campaign team.

You can donate here:

Become a Lewisham campaigner by emailing us your name and phone number

As always, THANK YOU for your support. I really hope to see you on the campaign trail. This is going to be tough, but exciting!

Local Election results 

If you need some inspiration, I've attached the full results of the recent local elections as promised.  I am extremely proud of what we achieved in these elections.  Please see my recent webcast on these results here

Thank you,

Anne Marie Waters


Our local government candidates in May, and their contact details.  Please get in touch and offer any help you can. 

Tom Hollings (Leeds)

Mick Bolton (Leeds)

James Miller (Leeds)

Anne Murgatroyd (Leeds)

Darryl Magher (Sandwell)

Karen King (Hartlepool)

Sue Perkins (Yateley)

Steve Ward (Hastings)

Stephen Latham (Sandwell)

Iuliu Popescu (Plymouth)

Sam Melia (Leeds)

Andrew Cox (Sunderland)

Samantha Harding (Sandwell)



Dear For Britain Supporter, 

We have another weekend of campaigning and other events coming up - I hope you are able to join in.  

We will be leafleting in Leeds on Saturday, as well as setting up a street stall.  We will meet at 11 am at Bramley Shopping Centre, Bramley Town Street, Leeds LS13 2ET. 

There is also campaigning on Saturday and Sunday in Yateley with our candidate Sue Perkins.  If you can help, please get in touch with Sue at 

On Sunday evening, I'll be speaking along with other guests at a For Britain event in the midlands.  Registration and further details can be found here

We will be leafleting in Hartlepool on Monday afternoon, look out for the details of this over the weekend.  

Thank you all for your continued support.  If you can donate to the party, all help is much appreciated.  Donate here: 

Very best wishes, 

Anne Marie 




Dear For Britain Supporter,

Thank you as always for your continued support. These are exciting times for our party.

My first piece of news today is that our trident logo has been approved by the Electoral Commission, and so all of those hurdles have now been overcome. We can now get on with things!

As you know, we have 15 candidates standing in local elections in May in the following areas: Leeds, Hartlepool, Hastings, Sandwell, Yateley, Bromley, Plymouth and Sunderland.

Please get in touch via the enquiries email ( if you can help. We have campaign days coming up, so keep an eye out for notices of these.

This weekend we are campaigning in Bromley and Yateley. Tomorrow morning, we’ll meet at Victoria Station in London at 9.15 am to travel to Bromley, please get in touch with Anish Patel on 07712 458879 if you would like to come along. On Sunday, we’ll be in Yateley.  The meeting place is outside the Dog and Partridge pub (details here) at 10.45 am.  I'll look forward to seeing you there. 

We recently held two successful meetings with members in Leeds and Birmingham. You can watch my speeches here and here. Several future meetings are now in the diary, and more will be arranged. Please try to make it along to these if you can, and help us to increase membership by bringing a friend. Something that will help our party to grow is word of mouth, so please tell friends and family to have a look at our policies. Growth is now key for our party.

Party Chairman

Following the May elections, our priority will be to install a formal structure in to the party, and to this end, I am delighted to say that a party chairman has now been appointed. Our chairman is Ed DeMolay, who has been a hard-working volunteer with For Britain since our first day. I am very pleased that he will be overseeing the party, and I have no doubt he will do a fantastic job. I will have a further announcement about a deputy leader in the coming days.

We have a full committee meeting coming up soon, where we will discuss this and other important matters and report back to you.


Now that our logo has been formally approved, merchandise is also at the top of our agenda. We can now get on with issuing membership cards as well. All of this and more will be finalised at our committee meeting on May 13th.


I will be speaking at several events in the coming months and I’ll continue to update you on my live webcasts on (most) weekday mornings at 11. You can watch these on These are also posted on the front page of our website after each broadcast. You can watch the most recent videos here, here, and here

If you would like me to attend your area and either visit your branch, or set up a new branch, please do let me know.  Get in touch also if you have any local groups in mind who may be open to letting us visit and speak to them - these could be any political activist group.  I'm keen to speak to as many people as possible in person so do help with this if you can.

Raising Funds 

Of course none of the above can be achieved without financial help, and as much as I dislike asking, please do consider a donation to the party if you can afford it.  Everything helps.  Thank you.  You can donate here.  

Lastly, we've had a rather exciting endorsement from the star singer Morrissey.  You can read this here.  Needless to say, it's both flattering and true - we will change British politics forever.  My sincere thanks to you for taking this journey and making your mark on history, future generations will thank you as well.  

Very best wishes, 

Anne Marie 

Anne Marie Waters





Email from Anne Marie to For Britain supporters - 7th April 2018:


Dear For Britain Supporter, 

Thank you as always for your support of For Britain. 

From dozens of applications, through strict vetting, as well as media training, we now have our final list of candidates that will be standing For Britain in local elections in May.  These are: 

Tom Hollings (Leeds)

Mick Bolton (Leeds)

James Miller (Leeds)

Anne Murgatroyd (Leeds) 

Darryl Magher (Sandwell)

Stuart Nicholson (Leeds)

Karen King (Hartlepool)

Sue Perkins (Yateley) 

Mandy Baldwin (Bromley)

Steve Ward (Hastings)

Stephen Latham (Sandwell)

Iuliu Popescu (Plymouth)

Sam Melia (Leeds)

Andrew Cox (Sunderland)

Samantha Harding (Sandwell) 

I want to offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all of these brave candidates for putting themselves forward For Britain.  This is just the start.  

Now we must do all we can to give our candidates a fighting chance.  If you are in any of the above areas, and would like to help campaign, please get in touch.  

Our Leeds branch has asked me to provide you with their email address for contact re campaigning and leafleting.  This is  Please help out if you can.  I will arrange to attend for campaigning days, I'll update you further on this soon. 

As you may remember, our Facebook page was restricted and so my webcasts had to be interrupted, but these will resume this coming Monday at 11 am on our youtube channel  I'll discuss the above and other party matters, including plans for the future. Let's hope there is no further censorship!  I'll of course post these on the website when complete.

Don't forget to check out the members' area for advice on setting up a new For Britain branch.  I'll be in touch again soon, thank you for your continued support. 

Very best wishes, 

Anne Marie Waters 

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