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The autumn morning broke with clear blue skies and warm sunshine as our hundreds of delegates quietly made their way to our Liverpool venue for the first ‘For Britain’ National Conference. The venue was excellent for the purpose, secluded, well-appointed and welcoming. Sadly, just not large enough – standing room only, and an indication of how a party only registered in March 2018 has captured the attention of so many, so quickly.


The autumn morning broke with clear blue skies and warm sunshine as our hundreds of delegates quietly made their way to our Liverpool venue for the first ‘For Britain’ National Conference. The venue was excellent for the purpose, secluded, well-appointed and welcoming. Sadly, just not large enough – standing room only, and an indication of how a party only registered in March 2018 has captured the attention of so many, so quickly.

There was some delay getting everyone in and sat down, the queue through ticket checking stretching back to the coaches. Delegates came from all over the country, even out of the country, such was the interest in the For Britain manifesto and speakers planned for the day. Unfortunately two speakers, Paul Weston and Janice Atkinson, were unable to join for personal reasons, but MEP Janice sent this great message of encouragement:


“Dear Anne Marie,

I send you the best of British luck for your conference and to all your brave supporters.

It’s not easy in politics, particularly when fighting the arrogance of Westminster, the deep state, the EU which is seeing the onset of a deathly illness that will destroy itself and the power of the globalists who work in their own interests, no one else’s.

But take heart, look around the world, we are winning.

Across the EU the populists are taking back control in the name of the people. In the US Trump got elected against all the odds but that still hasn’t stopped his enemies - and ours - throwing everything at him to try and bring him down.

It takes courage and determination to do what you’re doing. Keep it up, chin up and let’s Make Britain Great Again.”


Janice Atkinson


Proceedings were superbly mastered with good humour by David Vance of Alt News Media, and members of the national committee who all did their utmost to make the day a success.
We started in a light-hearted vein with Comedian Greg Cook, who set the tone, we are not stuffy, we can laugh at ourselves and we enjoy what we do, we intend to have fun whilst destroying the political establishment. The place was in stitches.

Our first speaker was the legendary Katie Hopkins. She had filled in the delay by having a stream of selfies with delegates. We are not shy of asking anything! She then delivered an often politically incorrect speech (but so Katie) which was interrupted with bursts of rapturous applause. She received a long standing-ovation when her speech concluded and again at the end of her Q&A.

Our second speaker, Damien horrified the audience when he told his tale of the Stasi South Yorkshire Police visiting his home after he posted some uncomfortable but truthful videos on YouTube. Social Services and the police have questioned his children, and his employment as a teacher is in jeopardy. The local authority which has precipitated all this was announced to gasps from the audience as…. Rotherham. Need we say more? A truly appalling story of how the state will now seek to ruin your life if you speak up about clear wrongs and injustices in certain communities.

Damien was followed by a very articulate British ex Muslim lady who told a harrowing tale of being abused and assaulted and unable to seek redress under Sharia Law. She now lives in fear of her life, being an apostate and a Christian, liable to death under Sharia law. Her personal account of how growing up girls only know Islam (Islam isn’t a choice), they are segregated, and so do not realise many things that happen are illegal and wrong was eye opening for the audience. Another thunderous round of applause for her moving testimony.

Our own Councillor Brian Sylvester spoke passionately about the need to get people elected onto councils and the wide-open doors that exist for town and parish council vacancies. He picked out some common-sense policies from the new manifesto that bridged both the left and right of politics.

After an excellent lunch (scouse or curry anyone?) our leader Anne Marie announced some key points in our manifesto, which was launched at this conference. Delegates took hard copies home with them and based on the reaction, the policies were popular. Unsurprising as many were voted on by the members. These include a freeze on immigration whilst we sort out the mess of the last ten years, a plan for a written British Constitution based on Magna Carta and an overall reduction in taxation, paid for by abolishing foreign aid and other waste. She also announced a commitment to increase defence spending and properly support our servicemen and veterans. Animal welfare and auditing the NHS, ending the tax evasion of private companies also were well received. Anne Marie received the longest standing ovation of the day for her passionate delivery of messages that hit home time after time.

Shazia Hobbs is well known to most of us and she spoke about her view on immigration as the daughter of a Pakistani bus driving immigrant herself. She spoke of the importance of free speech in being able to challenge the ideology that caused her misery and, in her words, continues to cause huge problems across the UK. She provided an overview of the history of immigration into the UK over recent decades, and the impact that has caused.

Our own regional representative and relentless activist Darryl Magher spoke about how to hold MPs and councillors to account by using the tools in the Localism Act and encouraged people to look them up.

Our Danish speaker, Tania Groth talked of the Danish experience and how, whilst their problems are not as great as ours they are sleepwalking into cultural problems that she sees here, and she fears for the future of Denmark. The Swedish journalist Indrig Calqvist spoke of the problems in Sweden where the nature of the Swedes as reserved and kind was leading to the own destruction. She said we needed to be less kind and stand up for our culture before it is lost.

Peter O’Loughlin of Identity Ireland spoke of the awakening in Ireland and across Europe to oppose governments who ride roughshod over the will of the people. He saw the need for cooperation between free thinking peoples across Europe and he had attended many events to support populist movements across the continent.

Robert Spencer a well know scholar of Islam, visited us by video link from the USA. He is subject to a ban from entering this country because of his work on Islam, presenting facts and detail which the UK authorities believe should not be heard. The truth was unpalatable to Mrs May and she is responsible for his ban, indeed she boasted about it in a recent speech. He took questions from the audience which he answered in comprehensive and forthright detail and received a standing ovation.

Mick Greenhough, who was a committee member with Leave EU, and author of ‘Brave New Europe’ gave a thought-provoking talk on the roots of the EU. David Vance, our master of ceremonies then entertained us with a humorous yet concerning view of the legacy media, and the need to have new alternative media platforms such as AltNewsMedia.

Anne Marie concluded the conference, which was deemed a complete success, with people staying back for selfies and book signings. All copies of Anne Marie’s book, “Beyond Terror” sold out, as did most of the For Britain merchandise.

Reflections? Well this was our first conference. It was packed, and what a great bunch of friendly, positive and genuinely good people. There was a very high proportion of women and young people, and attendees came from all backgrounds. It seems women are very much at the forefront of concerns about Islam specifically, and what’s more, prepared to do something about it, with half of our speakers being female. The conference was not just about the speeches though. It was the first opportunity for many of us to meet people who had hitherto only been names or email addresses. It is reassuring to know we are not alone, and our fears and aspirations are shared by people who are not necessarily old and white, nor racists and bigots. The country is at a cross roads, the old parties are dying and fragmenting. None of them are fit to lead. A sea change in politics is washing at our shores and For Britain is the standard bearer which others will follow.

Next year we will need a much larger venue.



Ed, Chairman of For Britain & the For Britain Committee

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