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By Mike Speakman (Law & Order Spokesperson) 22nd August 2019 One of the themes drummed into me at basic police training was that it is imperative that the police do not take sides. Respect and trust for the police was seen as conditional on our fairness and impartiality. I soon experienced practical examples of this….

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New Website Launches

We are pleased to launch our new website, taking the party forward as we grow and progress. We wanted to iron out the issues with our original site by rebuilding it from scratch, as well as moving to a private server on dedicated infrastructure. The frustrations some of you had with payments and the joining…

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The Tommy Robinson Contempt Judgement Summary

On 5th July 2019 judges Mark Warby and Victoria Sharp found Tommy Robinson guilty of contempt of court: See here. They were only able to do so by using a misleadingly-edited quote of what Tommy said and retrospectively making up sweeping new laws on contempt. The page numbers given are those in the judgement. Many…

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