Our branches

The following is a list of fully functioning For Britain branches and the contact details of the chair of each branch.  There are new branches waiting in the wings for volunteers, so please get in touch with branches@forbritain.uk if you are interested in helping to bring For Britain nationwide.  


Chesterfield                           Kerrie Webb                    kerri.3@live.co.uk

Flintshire and Wrexham       Nick Rider                        ForFlintshire@mail.com 

Leeds                                     Anne Murgatroyd             leedsforbritain@protonmail.com

Lincoln                                   Stewart Clark                  stewclark33@icloud.com

London                                  Janet Underwood            ForLondon@mail.com

Manchester                           Michael Burns                   mickeyburns2003@yahoo.com

Milton Keynes                       Jeff Wyatt                         jeffnewport4664@gmail.com

N/NE Lincolnshire                Michael Speakman           4nnelincs@gmail.com

Norfolk                                  Geoff Wilson                     geoff_j_wilson@btinternet.com

Sandwell                               Darryl Magher                   darrylmagher@btconnect.com

Tees Valley                           Kevin Brack                       kevinbrack2003@yahoo.co.uk

West Cumbria                      Richard Mawdsley             dickatbarn@uwclub.net

Swindon                               Ian Baxter                        forswindon@gmail.com

Cheshire                               Brian Silvester                  cllr.brian.silvester@gmail.com

Hartlepool                            Karen King                        karenking@email.com


Leafleting Guidelines

You are allowed to put a leaflet through a letterbox as long as no-one has told you not to.

Always push leaflets completely through the letterbox.

Some houses don’t have letterboxes and some are hard to find. Mailboxes can sometimes be on gates and gateposts.

Beware of dogs who may lurk in silence behind letterboxes. Don’t push leaflets through with your fingers – use a wooden spoon or spatula.

Respect people’s property, don’t walk over gardens or directly in front of windows. Always close gates behind you.

Do not put leaflets on cars, it can lead to accusations of damage and it annoys motorists.

You need permission to leaflet on private property including shopping centres and their car parks. (You can ask for permission but are unlikely to get it). You can stand in the street to distribute political leaflets without permission from anyone, but you must not obstruct the footpath.

Be aware there may be doors to properties round the side or back where there are flats, back to backs and semis disguised as detached houses.

You represent For Britain so be pleasant and aware of your behaviour at all times. Do not respond to any abuse, always be polite. Note addresses to miss out in future.


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