Brexit according to EU rules is not Brexit

For Britain is not defined by what we oppose, but by what we stand for – we stand For Britain. We don’t oppose the EU for its own sake, we oppose it because it threatens Britain. That indeed is the point.  We must oppose all that threatens Britain, and we will.

For Britain is not defined by what we oppose, but by what we stand for – we stand For Britain. We don’t oppose the EU for its own sake, we oppose it because it threatens Britain. That indeed is the point.  We must oppose all that threatens Britain, and we will.

The EU harms Britain and all European countries in the most fundamental way – it has taken away our right to decide the kind of society we wish to live in. Time after time, people have democratically decided a way forward, but the EU disagreed and the public voice was silenced. This has happened in referendum after referendum, notably in France, the Netherlands and Ireland. The same is now happening with Brexit, and it’s happening with the complicity of our government.

Theresa May laid out plans this week that she thinks will deliver the best of both worlds on our departure from the EU. Ministers have signed up to May’s plan for a free trade area on agricultural and industrial goods, based on a “common rule book”. According to the BBC, they also signed “what could amount to a combined customs territory”. That sounds awfully like a ‘customs union’ to me.

Once again, details are vague but May is presenting these proposals excitedly, perhaps forgetting that she still needs the ‘permission’ of the European Union to go ahead.  The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier said on Twitter “we will assess proposals to see if they are workable and realistic”. In other words, the EU will decide how this progresses, as the EU decides everything in Europe; even for countries not inside its boundaries.

The new Brexit proposals will not bring an end to open borders, as voted for by the people, but our government has decided deception is the key to covering this up. The claim is that ‘free movement will end’. The reality? Free movement will be renamed; it will now be part of a “mobility framework”. This means people can move around Europe freely to work and study. Do you see any difference between this and free movement? There isn’t any.

The government is once again attempting to pull the wool over our eyes, as it has done from the start. Brexit could have been completed within weeks. A simple and mutually-beneficial trade deal could have been struck, hands shaken, and a new future built. This was never on the cards however because neither side wanted Brexit to happen, so they set about making the process as difficult as possible, to dupe voters and deter other Europeans from spawning similar ideas about independence.  

As For Britain has stated all along, all that is necessary for us to leave the EU is to repeal the European Communities Act and walk away, but that is a million miles from what the Tory government is offering, and we must not let them get away with this treachery.

But there is more to this, let us consider the trade deal that so dominates public debate on Brexit. Not only does focus on trade alienate Brexiteers with other concerns (such as crime or culture), but it tends to forget one very important point – when we make a trade deal with the EU, we will still be bound by their demands. Let’s take Switzerland as an example. Back in 2014, the people of Switzerland (which is not a member of the EU) voted to reduce immigration to their country. The EU was displeased, and two years later, the Swiss government capitulated – the Eurocrats had threatened to punish them on trade. That is what they will do to us, for countless years to come, until they are gone.

We must push for a total departure from the European Union, the British people voted for it. We voted for it because we wanted our country back and we wanted our borders back. We are getting neither because the EU is calling the shots.  

We must oppose this monster, we must first get out and then bring others with us. We can do this with the right message; a message of unity and hope that we can restore our countries and our continent – all of which is in the best interests of Britain.

We must do all we can For Britain and its future, we must inspire people to believe that true freedom and independence is possible.

We will go for the EU jugular while we still can, and we will do it For Britain.


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