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I was about to cross a side road on my way down a high street in North West London...

I was about to cross a side road on my way down a high street in North West London. I paused next to an old woman and we exchanged smiles, we began to cross when a car swerved round into the road in front of us. It was a large car driven intently and fast by a person wearing a burqa. We had to suddenly stop and step back swiftly to avoid being hit.

The old woman screamed after the car, 'Bloody foreigners!'

She was shaking with anger.

A small forgettable incident perhaps but I recall it because the old woman was West Indian. Her reaction was significant, 'Bloody foreigners!'

On another occasion in a local bank I noticed that the cashier had an undoubtedly Celtic name, Evans. Being a linguistic pedant I remarked on the name and its associations with Ivan, Ieuan, Iovannes, etc. She was intrigued, we chatted. She also was a West Indian.

I am also have amiable discussions with my local Sikh shopkeeper on theology. Yes, theology. We also talk about military history, for my father had Sikhs under his command in Burma, WW2. He recognized their military qualities and their unswerving loyalty.

These three examples of people clearly identifying themselves as British with easy social amity and willingness to be sociable leaves me in no doubt that multi-racialism works on the personal level. will surely know what I am about to say... there is another group locally who will smile, take your money, and never ever engage on the personal level. This is a problem, or the sign of a potential problem. To them I am a kufar, with all the hateful negative associations implied by that insult (and it is an insult). If they hate us and our way of life as much as they do, why are they here?

The matters of self identity, perceived identity and group identity are complex and curious. All Celts, both Goidelic and Brythonic, are undoubtedly British, so are those descended from the Angles, the Saxons, Danes, Jutes, Frisians, Norse, Normans. So are our natives of West Indian descent, of Huguenot descent, Jewish descent, Hindu and Sikh descent, Parsee, Armenian and Chinese descent. Being British is a matter of culture rather than ethnicity and clearly it is 'multi-culturalism' which is the current spanner in our social works. There can be no compromise, no double standard, no special cases, no two-tiered policing or law in a united society. Those who wish to take advantage of the hard work of the rest of us, and our ancestors, and to impose their own imported, alien and incompatible culture must be told this clearly. They must respond accordingly. Now.

The alternative is too terrible to contemplate.

The alternative will be scenes of destruction and violence and slaughter, as we have seen throughout the 'Bloody Crescent', from Morocco to Libya, to Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq etc.

This disturbing crescent of violence has flipped over into Europe. It was caused by Merkel, the extreme left and darker forces behind them, festering and rotting in their intolerant fury.

The uneasy and cancerous partnership between extreme left, globalism and Islam is already causing deep and extensive division, and our ancient nation states are threatened.

If we do not stop and reverse this process we are lost. Ineluctably.

I believe that our ancient culture has the power, the mental clarity and strength to resist; and this is our task over the whole of Europe as well as in Britain, to resist, to fight, to plan our future nations. A bitter contest has begun.

By Richard Carlyon 

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