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Censorship takes on many forms and wears devious disguises. When a group of activists, gasping for the last breaths of their liberty, came together recently in Brussels, they removed those disguises and told the world where the greatest threat to freedom really lies. They did so at the heart of an institution dedicated to the removal of free speech; the globalist European Parliament. 

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Globalists target free speech because it threatens globalism. Those who desire nation-state democracy and its accompanying liberties are censored via slander – their objection to open borders and mass migration is reduced to ‘hate’. ‘Hate’ is then criminalised. The criminalisation of opposition and dissent is the tactic of totalitarian and fascist states throughout history. Today, it wears an “anti-fascist” mask and has made its way to dominance in Europe.

This week, I joined other campaigners for freedom in Brussels, each of us describing the different forms of political oppression we face. Hosted by Janice Atkinson MEP and Alt News Media, the stories we heard were as alarming as they were heart-breaking. 

MENL SpeakersMENL event Brussels


The first speaker was Stefan Molyneaux, a well-known philosopher who hosts enormously popular discussion programmes online.  Molyneaux described in detail how the tech giants (Google, Twitter, Facebook etc) exert control over political discourse online and who heavily and unashamedly favour the globalist elite. 

Afterwards, we heard from, the popular Imam of Peace. The Imam described how he has attempted to speak out against jihadism, and to warn Western governments, but found that the extreme left (the so-called “anti-fascists”) were determined to shut him down. He provides proof, if it were needed, that the fascist “anti-fascists” have no interest in truth, and no interest in listening to those from inside the Muslim community who risk their lives to speak out and tell it. 

Anne Marie Waters and Imam Tawhidi

We also heard from Amy Mek, a popular campaigner and Twitter presence. Amy is a Jewish woman who is taunted with smears of “Nazi” and “fascist”.  She told us of a relentless media campaign against her which involved spying on her and her family and the loss of her husband’s job.  Amy’s story is a heart-rending example of what the fascist left will do to silence its opponents. They will do this to anyone who speaks out against them, endangering their livelihood and even their lives. 

Anne Marie Waters and Amy Mek

Katie Hopkins and James Delingpole were both brilliant and hilarious!  Katie advised us of the 5 rules of life, and I’ll remember all of them. James told us of his skepticism around climate change, and how this, once again, is an issue we are not allowed to speak about without facing the wrath of the censors. 

Anne Marie Waters and James Delingpole

The wonderful David Vance talked about the biased press. Slandering truth-tellers as “far-right”, the mainstream media commits censorship-via-smear. To knowingly mislabel people “far-right”, the media is effectively an arm of the state, journalists replaced with political campaigners for the status quo.  David so rightly highlighted the growing importance of the alternative media; now the real media and fast becoming the sole source of truth in our formerly free societies.

Anne Marie Waters and David Vance MENL Brussels

In my own speech, I described how Great Britain is in many ways indistinguishable from Communist China or the Soviet Union.  We now live in a Britain where police attempt to control thought and emotion, while real crime carries on with impunity.

Anne Marie Waters Brussels Speech

Such events are stark reminders of the political state in which the Western world now finds itself.  No longer free, no longer based on evidence and reason, the enlightened West is turning to totalitarianism and irrationality.  But despite the gloom of this reality, when those of us who know truth and who will fight for reason gather together, it works as reinforcement.  We are reminded that we are not alone, and there is hope.  We encourage each other and our solidarity puts steel in our spines.  For this, I am eternally grateful. 

Thank you Janice Atkinson and Alt News Media, you are the giants of liberty and your legacy will confirm it. 

Janice Atkinson and Alt News Media

MENL Brussels event

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