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Grooming Gang Cover-Up: Now in Scotland

Anne Marie Waters January 30th 2020   A ‘grooming gang’ consisting of around 55 people has been “taken down” in Scotland, and the case covered up by police. According to the Scottish Sun, the gang was comprised of Kurdish, Afghani, Egyptian, Moroccan, Turkish, Pakistani and Iraqi men.  Needless to say, these are all Muslim countries,…

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Policing Muslim Rape Gangs

By Mike Speakman, Law & Order Spokesman 28th January 2020 As a retired Deputy Chief Constable, I hang my head in shame at the emerging scandal which must be the worst and most damaging to the Police service in my lifetime. It seems that several Police forces and other public organisations have been complicit in…

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Not “Asian” nor “Pakistani”: These rape gangs are Muslim

Anne Marie Waters  January 17th 2020    We can expect little better from the press.  Once again, the nation’s “journalists” are participating in (and encouraging) racial slurs in order to protect a religion, an ideology, from the scrutiny it so richly deserves.  A report this week revealed that Greater Manchester Police allowed known rapists of…

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