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Islamic Charity

Hugo Jenks, Islam Spokesman The following contains correspondence with the Charity Commission regarding concerns, as widely documented, with Islamic charities and the Commissions approach to them. SCRIPTURAL INSTRUCTIONS There are numerous verses in the Koran that instruct Muslims to give to charity.  It is a key pillar of Islam.  The uses to which this charity…

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2020 | We Go Again!

2nd Feb 2020 As Party Chair, I enter 2020 with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Brexit (although it may not be perfect) has finally happened. The country feels like it has taken a breath, and all of us can reflect on where we are at. Britain is now an independent nation again, free from…

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Lancashire Council bans “Non-Stun Slaughtered’ Meat for Schools, Branded ‘Islamophobic’

For Britain wishes to provide you with an update on a case that has been in and out of the news in NW England for some time. It is regarding a long battle over the supply of Halal food to schools in Lancashire (that finally ended in 2018 due to the Council’s action) but has…

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