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How We Freeze Immigration

Anne Marie Waters  December 9th 2019  In our unique immigration policy, For Britain proposes radical reform. We know that migration concerns many Britons, and we also know that an important aspect of this concern is culture, or way of life. Cultural compatibility is vital, but is ignored in mainstream politics. Instead we are told that…

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Book review: ‘The Testaments’ by Margaret Atwood

By Anne Marie Waters  13th November 2019 People who criticise the ideology of Islam can usually report that they have lost friends as a result. I certainly have. But there is another loss; the loss of heroes and heroines. It’s not controversial to point out that the vast majority of celebrity and public figures are…

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Jeremy Corbyn – Dangerous, But No Hero

By Anne Marie Waters  7th November 2019 Tom Bower has given his book an interesting title: ‘Dangerous Hero’. I would say he is half right. Dangerous yes, but no hero, certainly not to the majority of British people. I recently finished reading this astounding book, and while the contents are known, they are nonetheless shocking….

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