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Fair Cop’s Day In Court

By Mike Speakman; Retired Deputy Chief Constable, Policing Spokesman 15th February  2020 In recent years, it has sometimes been said, with a sense of irony, that George Orwell’s 1984 was written as fiction, not an implementation manual. This message did not get through to many establishment organisations, including Humberside Police. I served in Humberside Police from…

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Boris’ Promise: PCs or SJWs?

Response to Boris Johnson stating an additional 20,000 PCs will be recruited. By Andy Thomas 6th February 2020 Andy was a serving officer in a Northern Force for 25 years, uniform, Support Group, CID, Drugs and latterly Intel. Housing officer for 10 yrs working ASB cases in various high crime estates. Married with two children…

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Our First Priority – Law and Order

Anne Marie Waters February 6th 2020   It is fairly uncontroversial, or should be uncontroversial, for a government’s number one priority to be the safety and well-being of those who elect them.  One could make this assumption, but would not always be correct.  Today, in the United Kingdom, law and order has quite simply broken…

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