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BREAKING: Piccadilly Mosque Application Withdrawn

Anne Marie Waters Saturday July 18th 2020 Good news!  For Britain’s campaign against the Piccadilly Mosque has been successful. The 1,000 person mosque that was planned for the Trocadero centre in Piccadilly Circus will not go ahead – for now. Plans to build an Islamic place of worship in the heart of the West End…

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Monuments Men and Women

FOR BRITAIN MONUMENTS MEN & WOMEN  CHIP IN A TENNER FOR SECURITY HELP KEEP ANNE MARIE SAFE Thank You for Helping Processing ... £10 DONATIONStripe Payments requires Javascript to be supported by the browser in order to operate. AN OPEN LETTER FROM OUR PARTY LEADER "We are under attack, and everything we stand for is...

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London has fallen – but we can still save it!

Alessandro Merola February 28th 2020   I have always considered myself patriotic. What can I say? I love this country. I am who I am today because of my country. It has given me healthcare, education, a home and a community to belong to. Therefore, I am so saddened to see the current state that…

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