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SUNDAY COLUMN: Fake News – The Outrageous Mainstream Media

ANNE MARIE WATERS’ SUNDAY COLUMN  Fake News – The Outrageous Mainstream Media  Sunday May 17th 2020   I had intended to write something different today.  I planned to write about the grotesque power of multinational corporations (MNCs), but I shall cover that in my weekly economics blog instead.  I changed my mind because just yesterday,…

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2020 | We Go Again!

2nd Feb 2020 As Party Chair, I enter 2020 with a sense of excitement and anticipation. Brexit (although it may not be perfect) has finally happened. The country feels like it has taken a breath, and all of us can reflect on where we are at. Britain is now an independent nation again, free from…

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My Response to the Daily Record – by Kadeeja Adam

Kadeeja Adam January 22nd 2020   Something called “The Daily Record” has recently published an article about us, portraying us as some kind of Nazi militia! If there was equal justice in the UK in 2020, this would be defamatory, but we know the legal establishment isn’t prepared to listen to our argument. The article…

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