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For Britain – PayPal Ban Statement

Important Message re PayPal (please read the whole message) 9th October 2019 updated 11th October On Tuesday the 8th of October, PayPal decided to close the For Britain account without warning or explanation. An automated email informed us that the account was suspended immediately, and in 6 months they will let us know if they…

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Press Statement : Supreme Court Decision 24th September 2019

Press Statement : 24th September 2019 The For Britain Movement strongly disagrees with the decision reached today by the Supreme Court that the Queen’s prorogation of parliament is void.  As pointed out in the Law Spokesman’s blog yesterday, the principle that parliament is sovereign is at the heart of UK’s unwritten constitution, but it is…

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Party Statement Regarding Brexit / General Election

5th September 2019 For Britain is watching the situation with Brexit, and the potential for a General Election closely. A General Election, if called, would clearly be a single issue election. We, like all democratic people in the country are horrified at the contempt and disregard for the democratic will of the British people shown…

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