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The Police and the Election by Mike Speakman

Mike Speakman 27th November 2019   Policing issues are of some relevance in this election, now only two weeks away. Parties are making commitments which they may or may not keep, but the trend is generally in the right direction. As we all know, police numbers have been cut drastically since 2010, at the instigation…

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Time To Act! Islam Spokesman Nissar Hussain Blog

From Nissar Hussain, Islam Spokesman 22nd November 2019 Here’s to Sharia Enforcement! Halal – ujah! “We have suffered a total and unmitigated defeat… and I do not suppose that this is the end. This is only the beginning of the reckoning.” Churchill on Munich What Churchill had to say on Chamberlain’s appeasement is quite appropriate…

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Explaining the IPCC

By Paul Burgess, Spokesman on the Environment 18/11/19 A short Note Explaining the IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change This is assumed to be a scientific body but it is not. It organises scientists from many counties to produce reports on this basis:- Each scientist must conform to its own government’s rules and policies. They…

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