Facebook Group House Rules

Welcome to your Official For Britain Members only Group.

Use it to interact with other like-minded For Britain members.

For Britain is a movement for decent folk who are fed up with the British political landscape & who are seeking change. Please be mindful of language & respect other Members in the Group.

By joining the Group you agree to abide by its common-sense House Rules:


#1 The Group is a meeting place for Members to chat amongst themselves & to share news, views & opinions etc.

#2 Members expect to be treated courteously & will reciprocate with a similar level of decency always.

#3 When Commenting against a Post, please respect other Members by adding valuable discussion to the conversation. Be friendly, be fair & use common sense.

#4 Members appreciate that whilst we are all individuals with our own opinions & viewpoints, our ideals are broadly in keeping with the ethics of the Party's policies & with Anne Marie's own, publicly expressed views. Support & respect for fellow Members is key.


#5 For Britain is fortunate in that many people give their time freely in order to ensure the continued success of this rapidly growing new Movement.  It is appreciated therefore that Admin are giving their time in order to provide assistance & to ensure the safe & satisfactory running of the Group.  They are here to ensure that Members’ expectations are upheld & to intervene only in the event it becomes appropriate or necessary to do so.

#6 Admin uses best efforts to ensure that only fully joined Members of For Britain are permitted access to the Group for the duration of Membership.  However this in no way constitutes ratification of Members & as such Members of the Group are responsible for their own on-line safety & should take care over imparting any personal information.

#7 Admin will deny entry to the Group any Member it chooses & at its discretion. Likewise it will eject Members from the Group who don’t comply with the House Rules.

#8 Admin will not become drawn in to protracted discussions or dialogue with Members either by Commenting in Posts or Direct Messaging.   Admin is not obliged to provide responses to all questions posed.

#9 In the event a Member becomes personally abusive towards another Member with words that are harmful, threatening, or not in-line with the Group’s mutual respect policy, that Member will either receive a warning or may be immediately shown the door, at the full discretion of Admin.  Likewise abuse towards Admin will not be tolerated.

#10 It is considered impolite to repost or draw attention to the fact that Admin has deleted your Post or your Comment.

#11 In some cases Admin may need to remind an individual of the standards which the Group expects of its Members. If the individual concerned doesn't take kindly to such authority & is abusive, or it is found that the same individual repeatedly demonstrates that their views fall way short of the decent, core principles of the Group & those of The Party & is unwilling to reform those views, then they will be informed this is not tolerated & politely escorted from the Group.

#12 If it is discovered that a Member has made inappropriate comments elsewhere or holds distasteful, extreme views, Admin may deem it appropriate to refer the Member to For Britain management.  If it is considered that the individual’s views are detrimental to the Party line, ultimately a decision will have to be made as to whether they are to remain a Member of the Party.

#13 Admin is not an official spokesperson for For Britain & as such will not discuss any policies or aspects of the running of For Britain in the Group.  Membership enquiries & Party matters must be directed via the Contact page of the www.ForBritain.uk website. 

#14 Admin’s decision is final.


#15 Members will not submit for Posting any material which is graphic or disturbing including photos, videos & other media.  If you are not sure about the content that you want to Post, send a message to Admin.

#16 Admin cannot realistically be expected to know about all of the myriad of subject matters which people may wish to bring to the Group for discussion.  Clearly if it is obviously distasteful or hateful towards people or groups etc, then Admin will make the decision not to Post it to the Group.  In the event Admin is unsure whether a Post is suitable for Group publication, then it will endeavour to consult with someone else beforehand.  This may result in a delay publishing the Post.  It may sometimes be the case that a Post which has been published is subsequently deemed unsuitable.  Or that Comments relating to a Post do not meet with the expected levels of conduct.  In those circumstances Admin will delete offending Comments, may close off further commenting, or even delete the Post in its entirety if it is deemed necessary to do so.


#17 It is appreciated that everyone has a right to freely express their views as long as they do not infringe any law nor incite violence or hatred towards any person or group.  However Members must also pay respect to FaceBook’s own rules for use of its platform which may be at variance with legal obligations.

#18 Admin will endeavour to ensure that offensive material does not find its way into this Group, either in Posts or via Comments.  In the event it does however, this in no way implies that either the Group or For Britain is any way promoting or endorsing such material. The Party cannot be expected to police everyone or to be held responsible for everyone's opinions or actions. However it will make best efforts to curb inappropriate behaviour & ultimately at its own discretion to remove Membership from any Member it deems has infringed the core values of For Britain.   Remember, you can always use the 'block' feature if you no longer wish to see Comments from certain individuals.

Above all, For Britain stands for justice, for freedom, for safety, for equality & for Britain.

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