For Britain intends to hand a petition to Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester requesting the removal of the mural on Stevenson Square in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. At a time when violence against women has been in the headlines, it is highly inappropriate for a foreign career criminal to be heralded in this way. What message does it send to his victims, and women in general? The death of George Floyd inspired riots across America, with up to $2bn in criminal damage (the most expensive riots in history), over 20,000 arrests estimated, hundreds of injured police and a number of deaths.

There are many people who have made an extremely positive impact on the world in the last year, and For Britain is proposing the immediate removal of the mural of George Floyd, to be replaced with Sir Captain Tom Moore. While other murals exist, including one of Sir Captain Tom, the prominence of this area on the street where cars and people on foot will pass by daily means it will be viewed by a great number of people.

Sir Captain Tom raised an incredible £33m for the NHS and represents everything that is great about this country – selflessness, putting the wellbeing of others first and channelling all his efforts into the greater good. The contrast could not be more stark.

Please sign the petition and let’s send a clear message to Andy Burnham, City Councillor Pat Karney and the Labour Council for the area, that victims are more important than criminals, and real UK heroes should be celebrated.

Thank You,

Anne Marie Waters

Anne Marie Waters

Leader of For Britain


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