For Britain is anti-fascist

The mass media does not tell you the truth, they tell you what they think you should believe. They believe they know better than you about what you should believe.

Our politicians are afraid of the media and they also tell us what they want us to believe rather than being open and honest about events. They decide what is right for you rather than asking your opinion.

For Britain is dedicated to being open and candid, actually talking about events seriously and truthfully, even if it means being attacked by the media and being smeared by the lunatic ideologues.

“We will speak our minds and we will fight to preserve the Britain we love.”

Being honest and truthful like this, is seen by the media as a far right trick. Amazing as that sounds, much of the media has drifted so far to lunacy that they actually think that telling the truth is a trick. They don’t want to tell the truth to the public, because the media acts like the General played by Jack Nicholson shouting, “You can’t handle the truth.”

We think we owe you the truth, the British people deserve to be told the hard truth and to be able to speak about what is happening in our country.

That brings us to the second problem, you no longer have the right to speak about important issues and events in Britain. You and I used to have the right to free speech and we could rightly claim that we lived in a free country. Neither of those is true any more. You and I do NOT have the right of free speech. That was destroyed by the various laws that have created a new set of crimes called ‘hate speech’.

Hate speech is where you say or write something and someone hates what you said. That person then complains to the police and you are now a criminal even though you did nothing wrong and meant no one any harm, indeed you don’t even have to cause any harm, but you can still be fined or imprisoned because some stranger claims to feel upset about what you said.

You and I have no right to free speech anymore and there are people in prison for this here in Britain. Our politicians have brought our once Great Britain down to the level of Egypt, Turkey and China in terms of creating political prisoners out of people who posted something on Twitter or made a joke on YouTube.

This is appalling, and you would think that the newspapers and TV current affairs presenters would be apoplectic with rage over this descent towards fascism, but no, mostly the journalists are on board with this and argue in favour of destroying our basic human rights.

“For Britain hates fascism and will fight it wherever we encounter it.”

What this means is that as a new political party we are likely to be attacked by the press and potentially arrested, because of our determination to speak as if we had the right to free speech.

One of the subjects we speak about is the truth about mass rape gangs, acid attacks, female genital mutilation, abuse of women and children and of course murderous rampages of terrorist attacks such as the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

It is our view that these are problems deeply related to interpretations of a specific religion and that this problem has been imported into Britain through a foolish immigration policy.

To even mention that means that the media, politicians and lunatic ideologues call us any bad name they can think of to try to prevent you listening to the truth. They think that if they swear at us with enough muck that it will frighten-off the public, and that some of the muck will stick. And, sadly, it does stick, but we hope that you will see through their battle tactics and that you will read up about our Party and decide for yourself.

Also, did you know that there are parts of Britain where residents believe that a foreign archaic 7th century legal system is the law of the land? There are 18 Sharia ‘Courts’ in Britain which act under the legal system of the ancient desert rather than the modern British legal system.

“For Britain believes this Sharia evil must be stopped.”

Our party is about more than demanding the return of our basic rights of free speech and safety, we are also concerned about the lack of accountability from existing politicians, the large amounts of your money they waste, and the problems within the NHS.

We believe that democracy works better when it is nearer and therefore we should complete Brexit immediately, because the EU is not a democratic system. If you dislike an EU law you can do NOTHING other than moan. The laws can only be changed by the EU bureaucrats and they don’t even have to win your vote. We think democracy is a better system.

“One of our most important policies is to have One Law For All.”

It may surprise you that the UK does not have one law for all, our country which used to believe in equality no longer does. The law, and especially the police take into account your race when deciding to arrest and prosecute, they actually give different treatment to persons based on a racist system. This should shock you. This is the result of the Stevenson Inquiry which claimed that there was institutional racism in the police force. The result was to actually institute racism in the police force. This is amazing, but true.

If you accuse a person of a crime and the two of you are of different races, the police action will be different based on which race each person is. This is utterly disgusting, but common practice.

For Britain, in general, believes in freedom of thought, individuals human rights, equality in law of all citizens no matter what race, religion, sexuality or whatever they are.

“We are all equal”

We are anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-Marxist and anti-collectivist, and we don’t do “identitarian” politics because we don’t care what your ethnic, racial, religious background is as long as you share our beliefs in freedom and you have a desire to see Britain worthy once more of the appellation “Great.”

“For Britain is a party for everyone except racists, fascists, Marxists, collectivists and identitarians”

Do you know that our universities have been taken over by a weird ideology which is a mix of Marxism (an economic and political system that has been repeatedly put into action and has always resulted in economic stagnation, starvation, incarceration, and often mass murder) and a totally bizarre philosophy called postmodernism which rejects the concept of truth, rejects science, rejects proof and calls reason and discussion ‘Nazi tricks’.

If you refuse to take our word for this, that is understandable and is the normal reaction we all have when first encountering this lunacy, but we are not kidding and we are telling you the truth; our universities have been crippled by the most obnoxious and idiotic set of beliefs that only academia could invent and foist onto generations of kids.

This sick pernicious nasty ideology has distorted the minds of several generations of students, many of whom now work in the media, in large corporations and worst of all in politics and the justice system. (That’s one of the reasons we have the anti-free speech laws based on how someone claims to feel about what you say.)

Worse, this poison is now being taught in schools.

“For Britain believes that schools should not indoctrinate kids with ideology.”

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