Free Speech is under imminent threat in the UK

When Conservative MP Anna Soubry was heckled and insulted outside Parliament recently, fellow MPs expressed outrage – even describing the behaviour as ‘fascism’.

Press Release                                                             Monday 14th January 2019


When Conservative MP Anna Soubry was heckled and insulted outside Parliament recently, fellow MPs expressed outrage – even describing the behaviour as ‘fascism’. Widespread press coverage accompanied the furore and poured fuel on to the fire. As is to be expected, this relatively insignificant event has been framed as yet another attack by the so-called “far right”.

Police have become involved and calls for greater restrictions on protest at Parliament have been floated.

For Britain believes that these events demonstrate the greatest threat to democracy in our lifetime; the betrayal of the Brexit referendum result, then the crackdown on protest against pro-Remain MPs.

Since this story broke, many have taken to social media to point out a glaring inconsistency. Left-wing activists and groups regularly threaten disruption, and even violence, to shut down events of which they disapprove. Last week, our leader Anne Marie Waters was once against silenced as security concerns (i.e. the fear of disruption and/or violence) led to her appearance, ironically organised by the Free Speech Society, to be cancelled at Warwick University.

Protestors maintain that For Britain is a “far-right” political party, a smear that is entirely unsubstantiated but propagated by the mainstream press. Therefore, Anne Marie has recorded a response to the charges of her protesters. This can be viewed at the following link

The mainstream press has shown zero interest in the threatening behaviour coming from far-left extremists that is succeeding in closing down free speech. There is therefore an obvious and unapologetic bias against free speech demonstrated by a media that ought to understand its value.

For Britain leader Anne Marie Waters said: “we cannot have a fair contest at the ballot box when the information received by the public is engineered to favour one side of a political debate. The silencing of free speech in the UK is a matter of the utmost urgency, and our entire political and media establishment is on the wrong side”.



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