Election Fighting Fund!

We have been betrayed on Brexit. That is clearer now more than ever, and it means our government is unstable. That’s why we’re planning for a snap election that could happen any minute, with our new Fighting Fund. Please donate now!


Help us Fight Now

For Britain is the only political party in the UK that offers the most effective solution to our Brexit crisis. We must work with our European partners to bring down the entire EU project. Leaving the EU isn’t enough, as this monster will always be on our doorstep, trying to wrestle back control, and undermining the will of the European peoples.

We want to take this message, along with our common-sense manifesto, to the people of Britain – but we need to be able to support our candidates.

That’s why we are launching our Fighting Fund. Through a new social media campaign, we’ll be aiming to raise up to £100,000 to ensure we are ready to fight this election.

And I hope you can help us with it

For Britain faces a great challenge in a snap election. We must make ourselves visible to the public, and do so on as national a scale as possible. We must stand as many candidates as we can, and make full use of the election to increase our profile.

Make no mistake – if a snap election happens, it’s the most important battle that For Britain has fought to date. It will be our first chance to introduce ourselves and prove that our policies resonate. We must let people know that we are here for the long term, and that we represent the future of this great country.

Want to help? Here’s what you can do.

  1. Consider donating to our fighting fund in the form on this page. If we can raise £100,000, we can provide our candidates with as much financial support as possible. This is essential.
  2. Share the link and share our graphics! Head over to our Facebook and Twitter, or the members section of the website, where you’ll find our Fighting Fund imagery and posts. Please share them far and wide, and help us make this election count.
  3. Become a member! If you’re not already a paid-up member of our party, why not join us? Your data is always safe with us, so nobody will ever know. Your small monthly membership fee will help our party grow at this essential time.

Are you in? This is our most important battle yet. We can only make an impact with your help – and we need your support more than ever.

Thank you for being such a valued part of this party. You’re making this happen. Let’s go into the next election fully prepared and ready to win!


Anne Marie Waters

Leader, For Britain

Contributions are not tax deductible.

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A new movement

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To make a donation above £500 please contact us as we will need to ensure that certain criteria is met.

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