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The Greens and animal welfare


Stop halal and kosher slaughter
Halal and kosher slaughter

The first political issue that ever caught my attention was animal welfare.

As a child in the ‘80s, during the height of the testing-cosmetics-on-animals scandals, I was horrified at how so many human beings could so callously disregard the intense suffering of animals. I am still horrified today.

Testing cosmetics on animals was completely unnecessary, it caused suffering that was entirely preventable; just like the suffering unstunned slaughter causes today.

In the UK, we have a culture and history of compassion and respect for animals.

For Britain intends to revive this, and insist upon it. Recent reports show that a shocking 94 million animals were slaughtered[1] without stunning in the UK in 2018. This cannot continue.

The reason animals can be slaughtered without stunning is an absurd religious exemption provided by ineffective lawmakers. There is simply no point in prohibiting unstunned slaughter if an exemption is given to the very people who want to carry on slaughtering without stunning. This is political trickery by slippery politicians who want the public to believe they are taking action on animal cruelty, all the while encouraging it with ridiculous exemptions. For Britain is different.

We care about animals. We will revoke this religious exemption and ban all unstunned slaughter.

No ifs. No buts. No exceptions.

Some will frame this as the oppression of religious minorities, so let me be clear, animal welfare is more important than religion.

The welfare of animals trumps religious belief.

It is that simple. Religions will simply have to adapt as they have done before. I would argue that if your religion cannot find the ability to show compassion to innocent and sentient creatures, then your religion is the problem.

The halal market is particularly toxic in the UK. Halal meat, unlike kosher, is being imposed on all of us – it is served in schools, hospitals, sporting venues, and other public places. An attempt to debate this by elected councillors recently was shut down by a Muslim council leader.[2]

Those who do argue to bring this horror to an end will often be accused of “hate” or “Islamophobia”. When MP Philip Davies asked Parliament simply to label unstunned meat and allow consumers to make informed choices, he was accused of “picking on religious communities”.

For Britain will not fall for this bullying by Muslims or anyone else. We are resolute. We are not jumping on the bandwagon as other parties have done. We mean it.

With your support, we will end religious slaughter in Britain.

No ifs. No buts. No exceptions.

Help us speak out for the innocent and the voiceless.

Join us now.

Anne Marie Waters

For Britain Party Founder & Leader

[1] https://www.secularism.org.uk/news/2019/02/britain-risks becoming-a-hotbed-of-non-stun-slaughter-warns-nss/

[2] https://www.secularism.org.uk/news/2019/01/council-leader-silencing-debate-on-schools-non-stun-meat-nss-says/

Chairman Message Non-Stun Slaughter
Known non-stun retailers

Do you know if your children are being served non-stun slaughtered meat at their school? Do you know how the meat on the shelves in your local supermarket is slaughtered, or what your favourite restaurant is serving you? If in doubt, ask.

Whilst non-stun slaughtered meat is legally meant only for Muslims and Jews, the lack of a legal requirement to label halal and kosher meat means that in spite of what your retailers and suppliers might be telling you, you may be buying and eating unstunned meats without knowing.

Click here to download the Halal-Retailers List

Morrissey Non-Stun Slaughter
Cruel tradition, consumption without consent, links to terrorism

Click here to download our special 6-page report: “Religious Slaughter in the UK and Beyond”

• Non-stun slaughter is banned in: Austria, Belgium (Flanders region), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein (except poultry), Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, and Switzerland (except poultry)

• Halal and Kosher meat comes from animals that have been cruelly and ritually slaughtered without stunning in order to satisfy centuries-old requirements in Islam and Judaism

• Typically, the method involves the recital of prayers as the throat is cut with a knife. The panicked animal convulses and this agonising death can take from one to five minutes. Incredibly, some advocates of non-stun slaughter claim that this is still the most humane method. This may have been the case centuries ago however modern technology now means this is not longer the case

• Certified status of food as halal or kosher is obtained by food manufacturers by paying a fee to religious groups. This cost is often passed on to the consumer and some of the income received by certification organisations is strongly suspected to have funded Islamic terror groups

• Halal meat is not required by law to be labelled as such. Non-stun meats are routinely provided for public consumption in schools, hospitals, supermarkets, restaurants, sports venues, government and public buildings and other outlets

• Non-stun slaughter methods are often cheaper than more humane methods. Businesses take advantage of this by sourcing their meats and simply don’t tell their customers that this is what they have been sold

• The RSPCA, Compassion in World Farming, The British Veterinary Association, The National Secular Society, and Humanists UK, all support an end to non-stun slaughter to improve animal welfare at the time of death.

Non-stun slaughter articles
Help us campaign

Do you agree that non-stun slaughter should be banned and that animal welfare regulations should apply to all British citizens equally?

If so please download and distribue these resources and talk to others about our campaign. Remember, if you eat meat and live in Britain it’s highly likely that you’ve consumed non-stunned meat without realising it.

Right click and ‘save as’ to download the PDF resources below, or contact your local For Britain branch to actively help us spread the word.


Double-sided A5 Campaign Leaflet:

For Britain Halal Leaflet


Double-sided Campaign Promo Card:

For Britain Halal Card


5ft x 2.5ft Campaign Banner:

For Britain Halal Banner

Mike Speakman Non-Stun
Kat Non-Stun
Richard Carlyon Non-Stun
Keith Non-Stun
Non-Stun Slaughter
Sharon Non Stun Slaughter
Join For Britain

You can help to!

While we would like everyone to join For Britain and donate to help fight this horrible crime against animals we understand not everybody can. You can still help by taking direct action yourself in YOUR local community.


Just download the below files and edit them to reflect your personal information and then email or post them to your MP or children’s / grandchildren’s school.


Freedom of Information request

PDF format


Word Format


Letter to MP

PDF format


Word Format


Letter to School

PDF format


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Letter to MP Hospitals

PDF format


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Freedom of Information Request to Hospitals

PDF format


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Letter to Supermarket or Shop

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Our Volunteers in Action!

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