For the forgotten majority.

We believe in the democratic mandate of the majority.
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Welcome to The For Britain Movement, and thank you for joining us as we set out on the era-defining journey, the journey to bring politics back to the British people.

We are the common sense majority.

The For Britain Movement is a positive, pro-British, pro-democracy party, which believes in preserving the culture and values of the decent British majority, and passing these on to future generations.

We believe in the democratic mandate of the people, and therefore demand the UK’s complete withdrawal from the European Union without further delay.

We believe in truth, justice, and freedom. We seek to create a Britain where the rule of law is upheld, and justice prevails over political convenience.

We will restore freedom of speech as the backbone of the democratic system.

We sit neither on the Left nor the Right, we are the decent, fair, common sense majority whose voice has been ignored for too long.

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Our campaign priorities

Exit from the European Union

The European Union (EU) was intended from its inception to become a Europe-wide superstate under an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy. Many of our laws are now made by those we have not elected and cannot remove.

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Restoration of the Rule of Law

For Britain will restore the Rule of Law. All people living in the United Kingdom will be subject to the laws of the United Kingdom.

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Freedom of speech

Our ability to speak our mind in Britain has been radically undermined in recent decades. Whether it is through "hate speech" laws or leftist activists closing down debate, the backbone of democracy is under serious and immediate threat.

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End of political indoctrination

For Britain wants excellent education for Britain’s children. We believe the political views or private lives of teachers have no place in the classroom.

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Reduce immigration

Immigration to Britain must be dramatically reduced and stability restored. Each year, 100,000s of people migrate to the UK. Common sense should tell us that this is simply not sustainable.

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Bring stability to the public sector

For Britain believes in our Armed Forces and will restore them to greatness. We will increase the defence budget and ensure that Britain can defend itself unilaterally.

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End the Islamisation of the UK

British and Western culture are altering themselves in accordance with the scriptural requirements of Islam. This must stop. We must restore freedom of speech and criminally punish those who use or threaten violence to silence opponents.

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Protect British culture

The British cultural traditions of free speech, satire, and a free press must be defended and upheld.

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Our leader

Anne Marie Waters is used to fighting For Britain. Beginning her political life in the Labour Party, where she campaigned strongly for the preservation of the NHS, Anne Marie was among the first political activists to publicly desert Labour as a result of its multicultural anti-British stance, its kow-towing to the European Union, and its betrayal of young rape victims all over the country.

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