To Our Supporters Around the World

Since the formation of the For Britain Party, one of the pleasing developments is the support that we receive from across the globe. From both Brits living abroad and people that can see what is happening to a respected great country and are deeply concerned.

Many people contact us to ask if they can help, join or donate. We have decided to make this process easier by creating the ability to donate in any currency. The limit expressed by the Electoral Commission for international donations is £500, so please work out your equivalent exchange rate if you intend to give an amount close to this. Select your local currency when paying as this minimises the chance of the credit card payment being rejected.

We will refund any amount over £500 back to the cardholder.

I am also excited to announce a special “International Membership” level for people not living in the UK. The cost of joining For Britain if you live outside of the UK is £50 per annum.

You can select your local currency to make the payment.

Thank you to all our friends and supporters around the world and welcome to the For Britain family.

Kind Regards,

Anne Marie Waters

For Britain Party Founder & Leader

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