We are the common sense majority…

For Britain is a positive, pro-British, pro-democracy party, which believes in preserving the culture and values of the decent British majority, and passing these on to future generations.

To withdraw from the European Union without further delay

To restore and constitutionally guarantee the fundamental right to freedom of speech

To end mass immigration as a matter of urgency – immigration should be strictly controlled and illegal immigrants returned to their country of origin. Asylum must also be dramatically reduced

To restore policing numbers and end politicised policing

To increase defence spending and increase and improve the support available for serving Armed Forces personnel and veterans

To keep taxes low, and ensure greater efficiency across the public sector

To end waste in the NHS and enable citizens to hold executives to account

To end multiculturalism as a racist concept and promote a unifying British culture in public life

To end the political indoctrination of children, and stop the funding of radical gender propaganda in schools. Male to female transsexuals should furthermore not be permitted to compete in female sporting contests

To end religious slaughter and improve conditions for animals in farming and wildlife

To protect our environment and preserve our green spaces and countryside

To ensure the equal treatment of all people before the law, and the equal rights of all British citizens

To openly and truthfully discuss Islam and its impact in British society

To actively protect fundamental democratic principles and preserve these for future generations

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