Lewisham and a New Future For Britain

The Lewisham East by-election is over, and we must take important lessons from it.  For Britain was the most talked about aspect of this election, and regardless of result, that is what we will take forward.  

The most worrying aspect, to me at least, is the lower and lower turnout being achieved at UK Parliamentary elections. In Lewisham East this week, two-thirds did not think it important enough to take the short trip to the polling station. Labour’s majority was slashed in this previously super-safe seat; it collapsed from over 21,000 under Heidi Alexander, to just over 5,000 for new MP Janet Daby. This worries me, why is only one third of a constituency prepared to vote? Do they believe it won’t matter, won’t make any difference? That’s what I usually hear on the doorstep from non-voters, and if Janet Daby’s winning speech is anything to go by, they may well be right.

Immediately after her victory was declared, Labour’s newest MP took to the stage to tell the audience that she would not “tolerate an extreme Brexit”.  What is an “extreme Brexit”? Leaving the European Union and its institutions. The debate around Brexit is thoroughly extraordinary; politicians speak as if no referendum has been held, as if we still have to decide. They completely ignore the result, and in doing so, tell the British public not to bother. The elite know what’s best and they’ll decide. They’ll fob us off with elections, but if we stand on a platform they don’t like, or we produce a result they don’t like, we’ll either be shouted down as a “racist”, or the result will be ignored. This is the current state of British democracy.

British democracy is in such a state that newspapers will openly lie about candidates, labeling us “far-right” or “fascist” while offering not a morsel of evidence that these titles are justified. It is all done quite matter-of-factly. Lying is very popular among those who are invested in the status quo, as demonstrated at the only hustings event held throughout the campaign; one I was unable to attend for my own safety. Outside the venue, people shouted “racist” and “Nazi”, whipping up a violent mob I have no doubt would happily have killed me, and all of it based on an lie.

I’m proud to say that people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and nationalities have joined For Britain. They’ve joined because they know we are the opposite of what the public is told. Both Daby and the poisonous Jeremy Corbyn, who has turned Labour in to an anti-Semitic group of totalitarians and extremists, both helped whip up the frenzy against me. Meanwhile, I’ll bet that neither of them have ever listened to a word I’ve said, or read I word I’ve written. They don’t have to, all that matters is the smear, all that matters is poisoning our message to the world. If it gets me killed, so be it.

I’m the first to admit that Lewisham did not go well for us, but then how could it? Of course we never expected to win, but it is our job to stand in elections, and it is a very positive way of gaining campaign experience for many of our activists who haven’t been involved in politics before. I’m extremely proud of our party, and while this is difficult for a leader to say (I don’t want to put people off!), this is only a taste of what is to come. For 100 years, the elite have held the reigns tightly. The established press works closely with established parties, and neither are fond of uppity ‘normal people’ trying to push our way in. Small parties will always be attacked if they are seen as a threat, and that we were so fiercely attacked, tells me something very important; we matter. We matter for a reason – our actual message will hit home with millions, and so the elite will attempt to poison that message. 

This is the lesson I want For Britain to take away from Lewisham – the establishment goons did everything they could to stop us, and it’s very important we remember why. From day one of this campaign, For Britain was the most talked about element. Virtue-signalling candidates boycotted the hustings, left-wing fascists took to the streets, and even the day after the vote, For Britain was still what was being discussed.

We shook this by-election, and we will shake them again and again. If we can set an election alight in an uber-safe Labour seat in London, one with a 70% Remain vote, just imagine what we can do in areas that voted to Leave, and that are sick and tired of mass migration and Islamisation. For a brand new party to have this impact is an enormously positive sign of fight-back, and no matter what obstacles we now face, that fight-back has started.

I’m told those who oppose Islam must unite, and I agree, but I will not agree to unite behind political correctness or appeasement, I will insist on the truth. Always.

Some people (such as Nigel Farage) believe that we should not risk alienating moderate Muslims by telling the bare-knuckle truth about Islamic scripture. (Why are moderate Muslims so much more important than everyone else anyway?)  It is only the truth can save us from Islam's influence. We have been trying not to cause offence for decades, and look where it’s gotten us.

Nor will I agree to politically correct lines such as “it’s not the people we oppose, it’s the ideology”. No. It’s the people who follow the ideology that we should oppose. It is the people who pose the threat.

So let me make it clear, I oppose the people who follow the ideology of Islam to the letter, they are the problem. I oppose people who promote sharia, I oppose people who seek to destroy our democracy, I oppose people who enslave their daughters or cut off their genitals. I oppose these people with all my strength, and I will continue to. I do not want any more of such people in my country. I say that without apology.

I also say without apology that the religion of Islam itself is the source of the cruelty and oppression carried out in its name. Only when we have the courage to say this clearly will the British public trust us on it.

Some people believe this is a matter of ego, but it is not, it is a matter of principle. I left Labour and I left Ukip for the same reason, principle. I will not ever be persuaded to use “PC” lines on Islam, I will always insist on the truth, and that is why I formed my own party. I was tired of fighting other parties merely for the ability to speak openly.  

Furthermore, I never particularly wanted to be involved in this. I’m not a person who enjoys a great deal of attention and I’m not a person who enjoys being called a racist or Nazi in the press either. I’m not a person who wants to be ‘famous’, and I certainly don’t want mobs of looney-lefties baying for my blood in the streets. I do this for one reason and one reason only, I love this country with all my heart, and I will fight and fight for its protection and preservation. I will not go along with, or accept, anything that endangers that fundamental principle.

I urge those who agree to join with For Britain and help take the battle forward. Let’s fight for the country with a new perspective and advance ourselves inside a new vehicle – one with as little baggage as possible. We should not continue to wait and hope that someone else will stand up to Islam, we must do it ourselves, and we must do it for one cause – For Britain.



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