Local Government Manifesto

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“We will ensure that all children can attend a school rated at least ‘good’ by Ofsted.”

'For Britain' have announced their Local Government Manifesto  for the 2019 Elections.

Local Government Spokesman  Cllr. Brian Silvester said,

"We will keep the Council Tax as low as possible,either not to be increased or to be reduced via the targeting of waste.   
We will Introduce referendum in local areas so that people may vote upon any major construction or other large change in their locality.

Councils should act in full accordance with the law and provide equal protection to all children and other vulnerable people and that all cultural considerations be abandoned – all must be held to account by a single law. 

Prioritise public spending to ensure that all children can attend a school rated at least ‘good’ by Ofsted. For Britain will set this target and follow through.

Ensure that local people are prioritised in the allocation of social and affordable housing.

Ensure that all Councils (except for Parish/Town Councils) have elections every year for 25% of the Councillors, ensuring that Councillors are more regularly held to account.

Conduct Council elections using the proportional representation voting system to ensure a greater range of representation,as they do in Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

Protect green spaces by incentivising construction on brown field sites only.

Place an obligation on local government to publicly celebrate British culture.

Ensure that English (or Welsh or Gaelic as appropriate) is the only language spoken in the conduct of local government affairs.  


Cllr. Brian Silvester

Local Government Spokesman

For Britain Party

Chairman 'For Cheshire'


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