Make Teesside Airport Part of a Joined-up Transport Plan for The Tees Valley

Make Teesside Airport Part of a Joined-up Transport Plan for The Tees Valley.

Press Release                                            Wednesday January 23rd 2019


Make Teesside Airport Part of a Joined-up Transport Plan for The Tees Valley


Teesside Council has backed plans to bring the local airport back in to public ownership. The purchase of the airport will be part of Tees Valley Investment Plan for 2019-2029. For Britain supports this positive move. We have further suggestions on what action is needed in the interests of local people.

For Britain’s suggestions for transport in the Tees Valley:

  • Introduce a Road Rail Container Depot on the industrial land at Teesside Airport;
  • Take away freight transport from Teesport, one of the busiest ports in the country;
  • Replace an unused railway station with a metro style drop of point at the airport;
  • Move the proposed New Tees Crossing close to Yarm, along with a new A19 bypass, which will reduce congestion and accidents close to Teesside and make the airport readily accessible, both from the A19 and the A1;
  • Teesside airport makes an ideal location for distribution of containers and collection from manufacturing facilities across the Tees Valley;

Kevin Brack of The For Britain Movement, a new centre right party, along with the leader Anne Marie Waters (who this week came out in support of the “Save Teesside Airport” group), said future For Britain candidates will also back the new plans and will work with Save Teesside Airport candidates to support them.


Kevin Brack, For Britain


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