Party Leader: Anne Marie Waters

Anne Marie is the founder and leader of our party.  She has a long history of political activism, including campaigning for Brexit, an end to mass immigration, and an end of the elevation of Islam in Western society. Previously a member of Ukip, Anne Marie left that party after coming second in the 2017 leadership election.

She published her first book ‘Beyond Terror; Islam’s Slow Erosion of Western Democracy’ in 2018, Anne Marie is a staunch democrat and fervent believer in freedom of speech and the defence of Western culture.

A passionate animal lover, she lives with her dogs in Hartlepool.

Role Responsibilities: As leader, Anne Marie is the face of the party and holds the most senior role, leading the setting of policy, direction and strategic aims of For Britain. Anne Marie is responsible for appointing committee members and has the final say on escalated issues.

Chairman: Ed DeMolay

Ed DeMolay is one of the original party founders and with a background in the corporate business world, was nominated to Party Chair.

Personal drivers are to counter the weakness & betrayal by politicians currently in power, and the eroding of decency and culture in British society. A desire to leave the same Britain to his children that he grew up in. As a committed pet owner, a particular interest in animal welfare, and a keen lover of travel (especially America), French history and Liverpool FC.

Role Responsibilities: As holder of the second most senior position in the party, Ed is responsible for overseeing most aspects of the party, ranging from membership, back-end functionality, compliance, supporting the leader with strategy and is typically involved in most things!

Vice Chair: Kadeeja Adam

Kadeeja is the Vice Chair of the Party and has been involved since day one. As an ex muslim, Kadeeja found For Britain a welcoming political home, and has brought her experience to help many others. Kadeeja helps run the party and has been instrumental in various areas, from the branch formation process through to the online store.

Role Responsibilities: As Vice-Chair, Kadeeja will involved herself in all the jobs undertaken by the Chair of the party, providing invaluable support both to Anne Marie and Ed, but also leadership to the rest of the party.

Nominations Officer: Mike Speakman

Mike is our nominations officer. He has been with the party since we started.

A retired policeman who served in both Merseyside and Humberside.

After retirement he worked for Abu Dhabi police.  He is getting on a bit (ha) but still active and committed to For Britain.

Mike is also our Policing / Law & Order Spokesman

Role Responsibilities: Mike has a senior position on the committee and is directly involved in many aspects of the party including strategic decision making. As nominations officer, he oversees the candidate process including vetting, and is also responsible for the party’s regional organisers. Mike also looks after the international membership.

Committee Secretary: Miriam Smith

Miriam joined the party in April 2018 and shortly after became a  Parish Councillor, where she now sits as Vice Chair.

Towards the end of 2018 Miriam was appointed the role of Regional Organiser for the East of England where she works with branches on many areas including organising regional events, meetings and supporting members.

In August 2019 Miriam became the Party Secretary and is active in a few areas from social media support to writing up minutes and agendas.

Role Responsibilities: As secretary, Miriam does far more than document committee meetings. She has become an integral and vital part of the committee, looking after training candidates and members, helping organise activism and events, as well as involvement in key decision making.

PA & General Manager: Sharon Young

Sharon is Anne Marie’s PA and For Britain’s General Manager. Sharon has been with the party since we started. Her career background is in sales.

Sharon is also concentrating on growing the party North of the Tyne.

Role Responsibilities: Sharon is the ‘do-er’ that every party needs, involved with nearly everything that the party does. Often the first line of the party, Sharon is responsible for helping members with their membership or other issues. She works with Anne Marie to arrange meetings, events and more, plus takes an active role in the direction of the party. Sharon also oversees the shop.

Local Elections Officer: Eddy Butler

Eddy Butler lives in Essex and is responsible for local election campaigns. His long career in politics and political activism provides invaluable experience to a young party.

Eddy has a keen interest in history and has been known to give fascinating tours of London!

Role Responsibilities: As local elections officer, Eddy is responsible for working with the local candidates and their branch to devise winning campaigns and tactics.

Media Officer: Paul Burgess B.Sc., M.Sc, C Eng (retired)

From the age of 13 Paul campaigned on pollution matters and by the 1970’s was building mathematical models on aspects of the climate.

Involved with many areas of the environment from D.o.E committees to planning water resources for Wales before founding his own business. In  very varied career as M.D.  of differing companies, Paul has recently been involved with production of documentaries.

This involved Paul and his partner sailing across the Atlantic and the Pacific. He also produced the three part documentary  series ‘The Real Tommy Robinson’. As well as his official party role, Paul is the party spokesman for ‘climate and the environment’.

Role Responsibilities: As Media Officer, Paul is responsible for the media output of the party, but his role is also inclusive of developing our ‘climate and environment’ strategy, and increasingly important area. This involves discussions and debates both internally and externally where appropriate.

Treasurer: John Andrews

John looks after the party finances and financial reporting to the Electoral Commission.

He was a founder member of For Britain, and has written policy documents as well as news items and more. John speaks several languages and has a keen interest and knowledge of history and politics.

Due to the nature of his job, John unfortunately cannot be public about his role.

Role Responsibilities: The role is primarily to maintain financial compliance and provide the appropriate reporting and financial accounts to the Electoral Commission.