No Children Should Leave School Without Qualifications

In January, the government published its league table for secondary schools across the nation. 

In January, the government published its league table for secondary schools across the nation. The Hartlepool Mail reported that of the five secondary schools in Hartlepool, two were classed as below average and two as well below average. Although the credibility of government school league tables could be called into question, they still provide an indication of how well qualified a town’s children will be when they leave school.

The 2011 Census found that 30% of Hartlepool’s residents left school without any qualifications at all. Moving forward to 2015/16 and only 48% of pupils got five or more GCSEs (grade A-C) according to Tees Valley District Statistics. These figures are alarming because even unskilled jobs require a good level of maths and English, and the competition for these jobs is high. So what can be done to improve this situation?

There are two key factors that need to be addressed here: Hartlepool’s level of socio-economic deprivation, and the school’s themselves. I grew up in a working class family with a mother who left school at the age of 14. Despite this, my mother’s message to me was clear: I want you to have a better life than me, so work hard at school. This paid off and in later years, when I became a teacher, I found that students with support at home tended to do better than those without. However, not all students from low income families have this support and this needs to be addressed.

Most secondary schools have hard working teachers who find it’s not an easy job to balance lesson preparation, teaching, paper work and in deprived areas like Hartlepool, students affected by a poor home life.

However, schools could be improved with more support from local government and more focus on core subjects rather than teachers promoting left wing ideology and transgenderism. For Britain believes that there should be one grammar school in every town, and in giving all children a chance for a decent education. We must build a new educational ethos, a new educational culture, one that shapes independent and self-sufficient productive adults who can lift both themselves and their towns and cities to a new level. The future of Hartlepool depends on it.


Karen King, For Britain Hartlepool


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