Cllr. Julian Leppert

I am an elected councillor for Epping Forest District Council, and I’m a District Councillor for Paternoster Ward, which is in  Waltham Abbey, the last resting place of King Harold (Step aside Harold – There’s a new King in the Abbey!).

Council duties: Helping the occasional constituent with council related problems, the occasional speech/intervention at council meetings and the planning committee I’m on. This gives either a thumbs up or thumbs down to local planning proposals in one section of Epping Forest.

Cllr. Nigel Goymer

I serve as a councillor for the Wareham St Martin Parish Council in Dorset.  Having recently retired I now have time on my hands to give something back to the community that I love.

As the new boy I have been made to feel welcome by the rest of the council members.  I am going through a lot of training to get me ready to take a place on a number of the various committees in our council.

I serve as the Dorset Branch Chairman for For Britain.

Cllr. Mia Americano-Molinaro

I am a Parish Councillor for the North Mymms Parish Council (NMPC) which is part of the Welwyn Hatfield Borough. My particular ward is that of Brookmans Park within NMPC and I am on the Amenities subcommittee.

My role as Parish Councillor is to meet once a month for a council meeting regarding the day to day business of the Parish, to meet once every three months with the Amenities committee and to attend various civic services/events during the year.

Until recently our Amenities committee was enjoying arranging a big Tea Dance celebration for VE Day for our elderly parishioners. Sadly due to the lockdown, all our plans for a 40’s style party which was to host about one hundred people had to be cancelled. This year has been busy with events and meetings around; the reduction of services for our nearest 24hr medical centre, attendance of Police surgery to hear the concerns of local residents and attendance at Green Belt Society meetings regarding local government plans to build significant numbers of new dwellings. Most recently two fellow Councillors and I attended a meeting hosted by Grant Shapps at one of our local schools to take part in heated discussions between the school and the residents over serious parking issues.

Due to being in full time employment I do not have the same availability as most of the other Councillors however, I feel honoured to be part of such a hard working and dedicated Parish Council. In view of the fact that the work of the Councillors is unpaid and always open to criticism, I have been struck as to their professionalism, concern for their Parish and their sacrificial giving of time and expertise to their community.

Our youngest Councillor took it upon himself to set up with his North Mymms Youth Group a 24hr answerphone service to help the vulnerable members of our community during lockdown. With a volunteer team of about 50 people he has facilitated help for shopping, delivery of prescriptions etc. I have been part of that team since it started up but because we have so many volunteers the jobs have been spread very thinly among us!

I am Chairperson of the Hertfordshire For Britain branch with Phil Palij as Branch Secretary.

Cllr. Dave Smith

I am a Parish Councillor for Thornley.

The Parish is run by the Clerk along with the Chair and Vice Chair (under agreement of the majority of Councillors) with other Councillors being updated via email. (I was in favour of holding virtual meetings but was outvoted!).

I have been a For Britain – Thornley Parish Councillor for almost a year now and other than the second Parish meeting, (that I missed through a long standing holiday booking) I have been present at every meeting that has been held and represented Thornley Parish at all meetings of the East Durham Association of Town and Parish Councils and The Smaller Councils Forum.

I am also a Councillor Member of the Allotments Panel and the Appeals Panel (employment.) and find these very informative on how the system works.

Cllr. Doug Hambly

Doug Hambly

I serve the people of Harberton on the Parish Council in South Devon.

I am currently Chair of Torbay Branch of For Britain.

Cllr. Stan Cutts

I am a Parish Councillor on Horsham & Newton St Faiths Parish Council. I served on this council for 5 years, some 15 years ago, and I decided to rejoin the council last year.

I attend the monthly meetings and recently briefed the council on the hazards of 5G, after which the Parish Council voted unanimously to question Norfolk County Council as to what, if any, testing or other evidence existed to assure public safety. The NCC has so far kicked this question into the long grass, but their inadequate reply is minuted and the argument is still alive and well.

Other routine issues include a crime watch, police liaison and traffic issues in the twin villages.

Cllr. Sharon Young

Sharon Young

My name is Sharon Young and I am a Hazlerigg Village Parish Councillor.

I only got into politics about 12 years ago, it was learning all about the EU that first sparked me off. I became sick of hearing myself complaining, so I finally decided to do something about it!

Like many places, my area has lost its community spirit, people have lost pride in their village. My plan is to reignite the sense of community which we all need right now.

Cllr. Roger Robertson

I have been a Parish Councillor for over 10 years.

Hartley Wintney is a Tory village through and through but many of the residents, (and Ward District Councillors, with whom I have a good relationship), despair of their leadership!

Everything is an uphill struggle as Hart District Council is dominated by a well organised protest group going by the initials  CCH with active connivance from the LibDems.

We are a very pro-active Council with many projects ongoing to benefit the community plus supporting other voluntary organisations active in the village.

I serve on the Environment & Amenities, Planning, Finance and Staffing Committees and have special responsibilities for our commons and wildlife ponds.

Cllr. Mike Speakman

Mike is a founder member of the For Britain party.

He is a retired policeman who served in both Merseyside and Humberside forces.

He also worked for Abu Dhabi police. He lives in North Lincolnshire.

Cllr. David King

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